by Dr. Enozia Vakil on  April 21, 2014 at 6:31 PM Lifestyle News
 25 Percent Teachers Victims of Abuse on Social Media
A survey conducted revealed that almost 25 percent teachers are being targeted and .abused on social media.

They said that they face a barrage of "vile" sexual abuse, unfair allegations of incompetence and videos of themselves taken without their consent being posted online by their pupils, the Independent reported.

The survey of 7,500 teachers showed that 21 per cent reported having derogatory comments posted about them on social media - from pupils and their parents.

Of the comments posted by pupils, 47 per cent included insulting words or phrases, 50 per cent talked about their performance as a teacher, and 26 per cent had videos or photographs posted without teachers' consent.

Of the parents' comments, 57 per cent were insulting, 63 per cent criticised teachers' performance, 7 per cent involved threatening behaviour, and 7 per cent were videos or photographs taken without the teachers' consent.

In addition to this, 6 per cent were allegations of inappropriate behaviour with kids and 3 per cent inappropriate behaviour with parents.

Source: ANI

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