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 2011 - Worst Year for Kids
The year 2011 has been chosen as the worst year for kids, reveals source.

In a research conducted by Rocky biscuits, 4,000 Britons aged eight to 60 were asked what made a perfect childhood year.

High-ranking factors included sunshine, outdoor play, feeling safe, family holidays, and time with parents and grandparents, the Sun reported.

Kids in 1976 - the driest summer since 1772 - spent an average 810 hours outside, had ten weekend family trips, and saw grandparents 29 times. Ninety per cent felt safe.

Drought, inflation and strikes hit adults, but youngsters happily watched the first Muppet shows and sang along to Abba's 'Dancing Queen'.

In 2011, one in seven spent just 26 hours playing outside during the entire year. One in eight had no family trips and a third saw grandparents twice or less.

"We found 1976 was a simpler time. Conditions have never come together in the same way since," a spokesman for Rocky biscuits said.

Source: ANI

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