by Lakshmi Darshini on  July 29, 2015 at 6:11 PM Organ Donation News
13-Year-Old Teen With Rare Genetic Disorder Dies After Waiting For Multi-Organ Transplant
After battling a rare genetic disorder 13-year-old has died in Bartow County. Dalton Robinson's case was so rare that in the last 20 years only 88 of these transplants had been done. He was one among a handful of people who needed multi-organ transplant in the country.

Zandra Williford, his grandmother, said that he was born with a rare disorder and his chances of survival was slim without a transplant. Dalton used to live with his grandmother. "He's got to have a pancreas, intestine, a small bowel, kidneys, liver," she said. "I can't even name the number of surgeries he's had, how many times he's been in ICU."

Robinson's family told that they are very proud of his strength and courage as he waited for a rare, multi-organ transplant. Dalton's grandparents expressed their appreciation for the love and support that they have received from people around the world. Dalton's grandparents have by his side as he waited for the transplant.

Instead of flowers the family asks that donations can be considered for the Children's Organ transplant Association to help other children like Dalton. They requested everyone to talk to their families about their opinions about organ donation in memory of Dalton. Well wishers can share their thoughts on the Hope for Dalton.

Source: Medindia

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