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Medical Mnemonics

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View medical mnemonics and memorize them to help you in those nervous examination moments.

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  • Mnemonics to remember the salient features of "FABRY'S Disease "

    F : Febrile Episodes

    A : Angiokeratomas / Alpha galactosidase A Defeciency

    B : Burning Pain (Peripheral Neuropathy of hand/feet

    R : Renal Failure

    Y : Youth Death

    C : Ceramide Trihexoside (Accumulated Substrate)

    C : Cardiovascular Disease


  • Mnemonics for Urinary Tract Infection

    F : Frequency

    U : Urgency

    N : Nocturia

P pulmonale and P Mitral

  • ECG findings in P pulmonale and P Mitral

    P : pulmonale - pulmonary valve is on the Right - Reach (TALL P wave)

    P : mitrale - mitral valve is on the Left - Long (Long/notched P wave... the M in Mitrale also helps visualise this)

  • Submitted by : catchetat


  • Mnemonic for KUSSMAUL Breathing

    K : Ketones

    U : Uremia

    S : Salicylates

    S : Sepsis

    A : Aldehyde (All others)

    M : Methanol

    L : Lactic Acid

  • Submitted by : Krimson


  • L : Left Ventricular Aneurysm

    E : Early Repolarization

    A : Acute Myocardial Infarction

    P : Prinzmetal Angina

    P : Pericarditis

    B : Bundle Branch Block

  • Submitted by : Krimson