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Medical Mnemonics

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Mnemosyne was the Greek goddess of memory, Her namesake, mnemonics, simply means "memory aid".

Cramming medical facts and remembering at least some of them forever is a challenging task for any mind. This is where medical mnemonics have played an important role among medical students to remember the essential facts.

These mnemonics can be very simple or complex to remember but the easiest to remember are the usually the 'dirty ones'!!

Medindia brings this section to help medical students.  

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  • Mnemonics to remember the salient features of "FABRY'S Disease "

    F : Febrile Episodes

    A : Angiokeratomas / Alpha galactosidase A Defeciency

    B : Burning Pain (Peripheral Neuropathy of hand/feet

    R : Renal Failure

    Y : Youth Death

    C : Ceramide Trihexoside (Accumulated Substrate)

    C : Cardiovascular Disease


  • Mnemonics for Urinary Tract Infection

    F : Frequency

    U : Urgency

    N : Nocturia

P pulmonale and P Mitral

  • ECG findings in P pulmonale and P Mitral

    P : pulmonale - pulmonary valve is on the Right - Reach (TALL P wave)

    P : mitrale - mitral valve is on the Left - Long (Long/notched P wave... the M in Mitrale also helps visualise this)

  • Submitted by : catchetat


  • Mnemonic for KUSSMAUL Breathing

    K : Ketones

    U : Uremia

    S : Salicylates

    S : Sepsis

    A : Aldehyde (All others)

    M : Methanol

    L : Lactic Acid

  • Submitted by : Krimson


  • L : Left Ventricular Aneurysm

    E : Early Repolarization

    A : Acute Myocardial Infarction

    P : Prinzmetal Angina

    P : Pericarditis

    B : Bundle Branch Block

  • Submitted by : Krimson