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The image of human body has been presented in great detail by the popular artists from the Renaissance period. Their portrayals have been lifelike as they spent considerable time in the anatomy room understanding the human body and some of these paintings in famous art galleries are priceless. Very often the dead bodies in these painting come alive as the artists believed that anatomy was a way to self-knowledge both psychological and physical. The body was considered as God’s own sacred creation and it was to be revered. Leonardo da Vinci is the best-known Renaissance artist who had an in-depth knowledge of the human body and his many anatomical drawings are not only a piece of art but the details provide a learning opportunity.

‘Medicine’ has also been a popular theme in literature. Many of the best told stories have been penned by eminent doctors and such compulsive writings have won many awards. Tess Gerritsen has said ~

‘Medicine is probably one of the best backgrounds for a writer to find stories. I always think cops and docs have the best background because we see so much of human behavior, such a range of human emotions.’

Doctors have authored books in their pastime, in between surgeries and sometimes when on a vacation. Often writing takes away their stress of the practice of medicine. Anton Chekhov has very famously said ~

‘Medicine is my lawful wife and literature my mistress; when I get tired of one, I spend the night with the other.’

The world of literature has had contribution from innumerable doctors. In this section of Medindia, we have compiled the information about many such authors. If there are any names missed by us in this compilation, kindly send us a mail..

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