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The big problem

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The doctor could not find anything wrong with Mr.Tom, but he complained of a big problem anyway." What's your problem/" asked the doctor. " My proble...

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Questionable solution……?

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A little girls father was confined to his bed with influenza and his wife had been very busy sterilizing all his dishes. "Why do you do that , Mummy?"...

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In utter relief

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A hat was passed around in church to collect money for a visiting preacher . The hat came back embarrassingly empty. The parson took the hat , observe...

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Individual views

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A priest put up a signboard outside his church saying , " I pray for all." A lawyer passing by wrote underneath . " I plead for all." "I prescribe f...

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The subtle truth

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" Is this a really healthy place ? " asked a tourist to a local man ." Yes , of course, " the man replied . " When I came here I could'nt say a word. ...

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Mr.Wrong ……!!

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Mary was shortsighted , to vain to wear glasses was determined to get married. She finally found herself a husband, and went off on a honeymoon with ...

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Time management

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An old lady complained to her family doctor that for years she had had bad constipation
"Why don't you do something ," said the doctor.

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The woe of a landlord

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Mrs. Smith answered her doorbell to find a man who said he was collecting money for a poor woman in the building . The man said teh poor old woman owe...

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The newly wed ….!

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Mr. Peter knocked on the door of his boss's office , entered and then said , " I'd like to get some time off. I'm getting married and i want and i wa...

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The wait to reduce weight

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A young bride was weeping on the phone to her mother. " I can't stand my husband any more. He's got such a nasty disposition. He's made me so nervous ...

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Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is far the best ending for one.

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'Faculty lines' from the big guys of Health care

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Conversations overheard

Funny tit bits from everywhere. You're sure to laugh your brains out...

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Funny Definitions

The best of gooers from the future medical men, these are contributions from first year medical studens...

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