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Woman Dentist

Submitted By: ss | Current Rating: 1
"I would like to see a woman dentist," said the first man.

"Why?" asked his friend.

Because it would be a pleasure to have a woman say, ...

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Refreshing Pleasure

Submitted By: SS | Current Rating: 1.1
I am Six Inches Long and I always

Kiss your lips,
Feel your teeth,
Feel your tongue
and rolls around in your mouth


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I havent touch your Tooth

Submitted By: thohe | Current Rating: 5.5
Patient: I want you to check my teeth ache Dentist: Came with the instrument Patient: Scream like anything Doctor; I have not touch even your teeth...

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Cavity Filling

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 4.3
Young pretty Lady to her dentist:
"Oh doc,Your drillings are so painful that I did rather have a baby than a filling of my cavity" .

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"HONDA!", said the fart

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 1
There was a guy who went to his doctor and told him that every time he farts, it sounds like the word "HONDA".
the doctor tried his best to fin...

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Do you have a solution?

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 1
A patient came to his dentist with problems with his teeth.
Patient: Doctor, I have yellow teeth, what do I do?
Dentist: Wear ...

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How much will this cost me?

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 5.2
Patient: How much to have this tooth pulled?
Dentist: Rs.500.00.
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Cranky names

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 1
Actual Names of Practicing Dentists Dr.Pullman, Dr.Filler,
Dr.Fear, Dr.Rensch (pronounced wrench), Dr.Pick,
Dr.Tusk, Dr. Drewel (pronounced "d...

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Atlast a big mouth!

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 1
After a difficult day seeing patients, most of whom
had been children, the dentist's biggest challenge
had been getting those little mouths to...

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Everlasting teeth

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 6.5
An elderly patient went to have her teeth checked.
"Mrs. Hopgood, your teeth are good for the next
50 years." the dentist beamed. To which she...

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