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Political Touch

Submitted By: N.S.Srivatsan | Current Rating: 5
A villager from Bengal met the then Chief Minister P.C.Sen and requested him to touch his enlarged hydroceles.

The Chief Minister could ...

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Morale booster

Submitted By: Eknaath Nagarkar | Current Rating: 1
Patient entering the Operation Theatre: "Doctor I am very much nervous. I am getting operated for the first time..." Doctor:" So what? Why should y...

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Appendectomy is simple

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 3.8
"Do you mind telling me why you ran away from the operating room?" the hospital administator asked the patient.
"Because the nurse said, "Don'...

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New skill

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 2
A patient had a major surgery to both his hands and was recovering in the hospital. One day, the doctor visited him to check his progress and the pati...

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Doctor helps prisoner escape!

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 4.9
A prisoner who is desperate to get out of jail has been teaming with his doctor and has been in & out of the hospital on some pretext of illness. He i...

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Mechanic and laparoscopic surgeon

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 1
What differences will you get when a car is being repaired by a mechanic and laparoscopy surgeon??

The mechanic dismantles the whole car an...

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Remove an appendix...

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 2.3
A surgeon goes to return some books borrowed from the library...

The librarian quips after checking the books.....

"Sir your books a...

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I can't feel my legs!

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 3.3

A man wakes up in a hospital bed after a terrible accident and cries -
"DOC, DOC...I can't feel my legs, I can't feel my legs!!! <...

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A List of Things You Don't Want to Hear During Surgery:

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 4.7
Has anyone seen my watch?
Come back with that! Bad Dog!
Wait a minute, if this is his spleen, then what's that?
Hand me tha...

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How inventive?

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 5.7
An American, an Englishman and a Japanese fellow were discussing their respective countries over drink at a London pub one evening. The English fellow...

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