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Patient's Identity

Submitted By: kaku | Current Rating: 1.1
One pretty lady meets her Gynec doctor in a party an introduces herself and says "Sir,do u remember me?" The doctor gives a naughty smile and repli...

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Submitted By: N.S.Srivatsan | Current Rating: 1
John: After six long years of marriage, my wife is at last pregnant. Jack: Whom do you suspect?...

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Enigma of Life

Submitted By: N.S.Srivatsan | Current Rating: 4.9
Nine months after struggling to get out; rest of your life you are struggling to get in....

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One Solution , another problem

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 1
Mrs.Smith a mother of nine children, was expecting her tenth within a few days, complained: "I'm tired of having babies."
"Then why don't you st...

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You First

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 1
This woman, who believed in natural birth, was having these abnormal contractions, went to see her Doctor.

"Doc", she said, "I'm feeling t...

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Baby Birth

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 6.2
Teeanage daughter to mother - 'Mom what is it like having a baby"

Mom - "umm....It's kinda of is like trying to pass a watermel...

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The Story of the Chinese Obstetrician

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 5.4
The Chinese in early 50's were going through a big baby boom period and the doctors were over-stretched.They devised a way of avoiding repeated visits...

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Obstetrician's wife

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 4.6
At a big cocktail party, an obstetrician's wife noticed another guest, a big, oversexed blonde, was making overtures at her husband. But it was a lar...

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Painless labour for mom and dad!

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 5.6
A lady and her husband,who went to the hospital to give birth to their child, heard of a new technology from the doctor, which would transfer the labo...

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Pregnancy Q&A Contd......

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 1
Q: Is there any reason I have to be in the delivery room while my wife is in labor?
A: Not unless the word "alimony" means anything to you.
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