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CompurxInfotech - India12/8/2017
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Hi I 31 year old working women nd pregnant also my 6th month is running I m working in pvt ltd company. But they said we don't have any metarnaty leave...Kindly give me inspector no so that I can file my complaint
_kaush96 - India11/8/2017
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What are the regulations for compounding hormones for BHRT therapies in India. Is this legal? what regulations do compounding pharmacies in India follow?
rut17 - United Arab Emirates7/12/2017
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Hi, could anyone answer my querry that : Do we require a PFA certification if we are ruunig a kitchen in a Hospital for patient diets ? Please answer on my email too i.e.
kitchen123 - China10/15/2016
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Hi all, please help me how to fill the form A document need to help very urgent
bobbyhelp - India8/10/2016
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Varun758 - India7/16/2016
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suraj857 - India7/11/2016
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Dave55 - India7/4/2016
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What is the provision under PC PNDT ACT for Doctors who is exclusively doing Echocardiography only :1. Whether they also required PNDT Registration for Echocardiography. 2. And what about six months ultrasound training program for such Doctors [while six months training program is focusing on abdominal and pelvic region only]. In this condition how this training program is going to be beneficial for them. And is it making any sense that Doctors who is practicing cardiology and doing Echocardiography getting training of pelvic and abdominal region.,while these areas are not of their concerns at all.
pankajtver76 - India6/25/2016
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ananthnat - India6/7/2016
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