National Trust for Act, 1999 - Local level Committees

Chapter 6 - Local level Committees

   1. The Board shall constitute a local level committee for such area as may be specified by it from time to time.

   2. A local committee shall consist of:-

         i. an officer of the civil service of the Union or of the State, not below the rank of a District Magistrate or a District Commissioner of a district;

         ii. a representative of a registered organization; and

         iii. a person with disability as defined in clause (t) of section 2 of the persons with disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995

   3. A local level committee shall continue to work for a period of three years from the date of its constitution or till such time it is reconstituted by the Board

   4. A local level committee shall meet at least once in every three months or at such interval as may be necessary.

   i. A parent of a person with disability or his relative may make as application to the local level committee for appointment of any person of his choice to act as a guardian of the persons with disability.

   ii. Any registered organization may make an application in the prescribed form to the local level committee for appointment of a guardian for a person with disability:

      Provide that no such application shall be entertained by the local level committee, unless the consent of the guardian of the disabled person is also obtained.

   iii. While considering the application for appointment of a guardian, the local level committee shall consider:-

         1. whether the person with disability needs a guardian;

         2. the purpose for which the guardianship is required for person with disability.

   iv. The local level committee shall receive, process and decide applications received under sub-section (1) and (2), in such manner as may be determined by regulation: Provide that while making recommendation for the appointment of a guardian, the local level committee shall provide for the obligation which are to be fulfilled by the guardian.

   v. The local committee shall send to the Board the particulars received by it and orders passed thereon at such interval as may be determined by regulations.

Every person appointed as a guardian of a person with disability under this chapter shall, wherever required, either have the care of such person of disability and his property or be responsible for the maintenance of the person with disability.

   1. Every person appointed as a guardian under section 14 shall, within a period of six months from the date of his appointment, deliver to the authority which appointed him, an inventory of immovable property belonging to the person with disability and all assets and other movable property received on behalf of the person with disability, together with a statement of all claims due to and all debts and liabilities due by such person with disability.

   2. Every guardian shall also furnish to the said appointing authority within a period of three moths at the close of every financial year, an account of the property and assets in his charge, the sums received and disbursed on account of the person with disability and the balance remaining with him

   i. Whenever a parent or a relative of a person with disability or a registered organization find that the guardian is :-

  • abusing or neglecting a person with disability; or
  • misappropriating or neglecting the property, it may in accordance with the prescribed procedure apply to the committee for the removal of such guardian.

   ii. Upon receiving such application the committee may, if it is satisfied that there is a ground for removal and for reasons to be recorded in writing, remove such guardian and appoint a new guardian in his place or if such a guardian is not available make such other arrangement as may necessary for the care and protection of person with disability.

   iii. Any person removed under sub-section (2) shall be bound to deliver the charge of all property of the person with disability to the new guardian, and to account for all moneys received or disbursed by him.

Explanation,- For the Purpose of this chapter, the expression "relative" includes any person related to the person with disability by blood, marriage or adoption.

Chapter 7 - Accountability and Monitoring 

   1. The books and documents in the procession of the Board shall be open to inspection by any registered organization

   2. Any registered organization can submit a written requisition to the Board the access of any book or document maintained by the Board.

   3. The Board shall frame such regulations as it think necessary for allowing the access of any books or document to a registered organization.

The Board shall determine by regulations the procedure for evaluating the prefunding status of registered organization seeking financial assistance from it and such regulations may also provide for the guidelines for monitoring and evaluating the activities of the registered organizations who are receiving financial assistance from the Trust.

   1. The Board shall in each year hold an annual general meeting of registered organizations, and not , more than six months shall elapse between the date of one annual general meeting and that of the next.

   2. A notice of the annual general meeting along with a statement of accounts and records of its activities during the preceding year be sent by the Board to every registered organization at such time as may be determined by regulations.

   3. The quorum for such meeting shall be such number of persons of the registered organization as may be determined by regulation.


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