Medical Termination of Pregnancy Rules, 2003

Inspection of a place, - 

      (1)   A place approved under rule 5 may be inspected by the Chief Medical Officer of the District, as often as may be necessary with a view to verify whether termination of pregnancies is being done therein under safe and hygienic conditions.

      (2)  If the Chief Medical Officer has reason to believe that there has been death of, or injury to, a pregnant woman at the place or that termination of pregnancies is not being done at the place under safe and hygienic conditions, he may call for any information or may seize any article, medicine, ampule, admission register or other document, maintained, kept or found at the place.

       (3)  The provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (2 of 1974), relating to seizure shall, so far as it may , apply to seizure made under sub-rule (2).


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