Medical Termination of Pregnancy Rules, 2003

Experience and  training under clause (d) of Section 2:- 

            For the purpose of clause (d) of section (2), a registered medical practitioner shall have one or more of the following experience or training in gynaecology and obstetrics, namely;

           (a)  In the case of a medical practitioner, who was registered in a State Medical Register immediately before the commencement of the Act, experience in the practice of gynaecology and obstetrics for a period of not less than three years;

           (b)  In the case of a medical practitioner, who is registered in a State Medical Register:-

                   (i)  if he has completed six months of house surgency in gynaecology and obstetrics; or

                  (ii) unless the following facilities are provided therein, if he had experience at any hospital for a period of not less than one year in the practice of obstetrics and gynaecology ; or

           (c)   if he has assisted a registered medical practitioner in the performance of twenty-five cases of medical termination of pregnancy of which at least five  have been performed independently, in a hospital established or maintained or a training institute approved for this purpose by the government.

                 (i)  This training would enable the Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP) to do only 1st Trimester terminations  (up to 12 weeks of gestation).

                (ii)  For terminations up to twenty weeks the experience or training as prescribed under  sub rules  (a), (b) and  (d) shall apply .

         (d)  In case of a medical practitioner who has been registered in a State Medical    Register and who holds a post-graduate degree or diploma in gynaecology and obstetrics, the experience or training gained during the course of such degree or diploma.



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