Medical Termination of Pregnancy Rules, 2003

Cancellation or suspension of certificate of approval, -

         (1)   If, after inspection of any place approved under rule 5, the Chief Medical Officer of the District is satisfied that the facilities specified in rule 5 are not being properly maintained therein and the termination of pregnancy at such place cannot be made under safe and hygienic conditions, he shall make a report of the fact to the Committee giving the detail of the deficiencies or defects found at the place and the committee may, if it is satisfied, suspend or cancel the approval provided that the committee shall give an opportunity of making representation to the owner of the place before the certificate issued under rule 5 is cancelled.

       (2)  Where a certificate issued under rule 5 is cancelled  the owner of the place may make such additions or improvements in the place and there after,  he may make  an application to the Committee for grant of approval under rule 5.

      (3)  In the event of suspension of a certificate, of approval, the place shall not be deemed to be an approved place during the suspension for the purposes of termination of pregnancy from the date of communication of the order of such suspension.



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