Insecticides Rules, 1971


3.  Functions of the Board

    The Board shall, in addition to the functions assigned to it by the Act, carry out the following functions, namely:

 a.  advise the Central Government on the manufacture of insecticides under the Industries (Development and Regulation) Act, 1951 (65 of 1951);
 b.  specify the uses of the classification of insecticides on the basis of their toxicity as well as their being suitable for aerial application;
 c.  advise tolerance limits for insecticides, residues and an establishment of minimum intervals between the application of insecticides and harvest in respect of various commodities;
 d.  specify the shelf-life of insecticides;
 e.  suggest colourisation, including colouring matter which may be mixed with concentrates of insecticides, particularly those of highly toxic nature;
 f.  carry out such other functions as are supplemental, incidental or consequential to any of the functions conferred by the Act or these rules.

4.  Functions of Registration Committee

    The Registration Committee shall, in addition to the functions assigned to it by the Act, perform the following functions namely :

 a.  specify the precautions to be taken against poisoning through the use or handling of insecticides;
 b.  carry out such other incidental or consequential matters necessary for carrying out the functions assigned to it under the Act or these rules.

5.  Functions of Laboratory

    The functions of the Laboratory shall be as follows :

 a.  to analyse such samples of insecticides sent to it under the Act by any officer or authority authorized by the Central or State Governments and submission of certificates of analysis to the concerned authority;
 b.  to analyse samples of materials for insecticide residues under the provisions of the Act;
 c.  to carry out such investigations as may be necessary for the purpose of ensuring the conditions of registration of insecticides;
 d.  to determine the efficacy and toxicity of insecticides;
 e.  to carry out such other functions as may be interested to it by the Central Government or by a State Government with the permission of the Central Government and after consultation with the Board.


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