Insecticides Rules, 1971

[See Rule 9(2)]

1. Number of licence and date of issue _______________

2. _____________ of __________________ is hereby granted a licence to manufacture the following insecticides on the premises situated at ________________under the direction and supervision of the following expert staff.

1. Expert staff (names):
2. Name of insecticide:

3. The licence authorizes the sale by way of wholesale dealing by the licence and storage for sale by the licence of insecticide manufactured under the licence (Provided such sales are made from or storage is done in the factory premises)

4. The licence shall be in force for a period of _____________years from the date of issue.

5. The licence is subject to the conditions stated below and to such conditions as may be specified in the rules for the time being in force under the insecticide Act, 1968.



Seal of the licencing officer________________________


1. This licence and any certificate of renewal shall be kept on the approved premises and shall be produced for inspection at the request of an Insecticides Inspector appointed under the Insecticides Act, 1968, or any other officer or authority authorised by the licencing officer.

2. Any change in the expert staff named in the licence shall forthwith be reported to the licencing officer.

3. If the licencee wants to undertake during the currency of the licence to manufacture or sale of additional insecticides, he should apply to the licencing officer for the necessary endorsement in the licence on payment of fee of rupees ______________ for every category of insecticides.

4. An application for the renewal of a licence shall be made as laid down in rule 11

5. The licencee shall comply with the provisions of the Insecticides Act, 1968, and the rules made thereunder for the time being in force.

6. The licencee sall obtain ISI Mark Certificate from Bureau of Indian Standard within three months of the commencement of the manufacture.

7. No Insecticides shall be sold or distributed without ISI Mark Certification.


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