Hazardous Wastes (Management and Handling) Rules, 1989

[See rules 3 (i), 3(n) and 4]


Waste Categories Type of wastes Regulatory Quantities
1 2 3

Waste Category No.1 Cynide Wastes 1 kilogrammes per year
calculated as cynide.

Waste Category No.2 Metal Finishing Wastes 10 kilogrammes per year
the sum of the
specified substance
calculated as pure

Waste Category No.3 Waste containing water 10 kilogrammes per year
soluble chemical comp- the sum of the specifi-
ounds of lead, copper, ed substance calculated
zinc, chromium and as pure metal.

Waste Category No.4 Mercury, Arsenic, Thal- 5 kilogrammes per year
lium and Cadmium bear- the sum of the specifi-
ing wastes. ed substance calculated
as pure metal.

Waste Category No.5 Non-halogenated hydro- 200 kilogrammes per
carbons including year calculated as non-
solvents halogenated hydrocarbons

Waste Category No.6 Halogenated hydro-carbon 50 kilograms per year
including solvents calculated as helogena-
ted hydrocarbons.

Waste Category No.7 Wastes from paints, 250 kilogrammes per year
pigments, glue, varnish calculated as oil or oil
and printing ink. emulsions.

Waste Category No.8 Wastes from Dyes and Dye 200 kilogrammes per year
intermediate containing calculated as inorganic
inorganic chemical chemicals.

Waste Category No.9 Wastes from Dyes and 50 kilogrammes per year
Dye intermediate conta- calculated as organic
ining organic chemical chemicals.

Waste Category No.10 Waste oil and oil emul- 1000 kilogrammes per year
sions. calculated as oil and oil

Waste Category No.11 Tarry wastes from ref- 200 kilogrammes per year
ining and tar residues calculated as tar.
from distillation or
prolytic treatment.

Waste Category No.12 Sludgesarising from irrespective of any
treatment of waste quantity.
containing heavy metals,
toxic organics, oils
emulsions and spend
chemical and inceneration

Waste Category No.13 Phenols. 5 kilogrammes per year
calculated as phenols.

Waste Category No.14 Asbestos. 200 kilogrammes per year
calculated asbestos.

Waste Category No.15 Wastes from manufactur- 5 kilogrammes per year
ing of pesticides and calculated as pesticides
herbicides and residues and their intermediate
from pesticides and products.
herbicides formulation

Waste Category No.16 Acid/Alkaline/Slurry 200 kilogrammes per year
calculated as Acids/

Waste Category No.17 Off-specification and Irrespective of any
discarded products quantity.

Waste Category No.18 Discarded containers Irrespective of any
and Containers linears quantity.
of hazardous and toxic



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