Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Rules, 1983


3. Appointment of consultants.

    For the purpose of assisting the Board in the performance of its functions, the Chairman may appoint any qualified person to be consultant for a specific period not exceeding six months:

    Provided that the Chairman may, with the prior approval of the Board extend the period of the appointment from time to time upto one year:

     Provided further that the Chairman may, with the prior approval of the Board and the Central Government, appoint a consultant for a period beyond one year.

4. Power to terminate appointment.

     Notwithstanding anything contained in rule 3, the Board shall have the right to terminate the appointment of the consultant before the expiry of the specific period for which he is appointed, if in the opinion of the Board, the consultant is not discharging his duties properly or to the satisfaction of the Board, or such a course of action is necessary in the public interest:

      Provided that in cases where a consultant has been appointed with the prior approval of the Central Government, the termination of his appointment will be made only with the approval of the Central Government.

5. Emolument of consultants.

     The Board may pay the consultants suitable emoluments or fees depending on the nature of work and the qualification and experience of the Consultant:

1[Provided, that the Chairman shall not appoint any person as Consultant without the prior approval of the Central Government if the Board recommends that the total emoluments or fee payable exceeds rupees five thousand per month:

Provided further that if a retired Government Officer is appointed as Consultant his emoluments or fee shall be regulated in accordance with the instructions/orders issued by the Central Government in the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and pensions (Department of Personnel and Training) from time to time].

6. Tours by consultant.

      The consultant may with the prior approval of the Chairman undertake tours within the country for the performance of the duties entrusted to him by the Board and in respect of such tours he shall be entitled to travelling and daily allowances at the rate payable to a Grade I officer of the Central Government.

7. Consultant not to disclose information.

    The consultant shall not, without the written permission of the Board, disclose any information either given by the Board or obtained during the performance of the duties assigned to him either by the Board or otherwise to any person other than the Board.


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