Home Remedies for Peptic Ulcer / Stomach Ulcer

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What is Peptic Ulcer (stomach ulcer)?

Peptic ulcer is an open sore or erosion on the gastrointestinal tract that is painful. It develops when hydrochloric acid in the digestive fluids and the enzyme pepsin in the stomach damage the gastrointestinal tract. An ulcer in the stomach is called gastric ulcer and in the duodenum is called a duodenal ulcer. The gastric and duodenal ulcers together are referred to as peptic ulcers.

Common Causes of Peptic Ulcers

  • Bacterial infection (Helicobacter pylori)

  • Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen (NSAIDs)

  • Smoking, stress, etc., increase susceptibility

  • Immune Abnormalities

  • Alcoholism

Home Remedies for Peptic Ulcers

Tip 1:

Fenugreek leaves contain compounds that can heal the ulcer. Boil 1 cup of fenugreek leaves and add a pinch of salt to it. Drink this twice a day.

Home Remedies for Peptic Ulcers: Fenugreek Leaves

Tip 2:

Drinking raw cabbage juice is very effective for treating stomach ulcer. Consume fresh cabbage juice daily before your bedtime. This will help strengthen the stomach lining and heal the ulcer.

Tip 3:

Bananas contain an antibacterial substance that help slow down the growth of ulcer in the stomach. Hence eat a banana every day after your breakfast.

Tip 4:

Honey has natural healing properties that work wonders for treating stomach ulcer. Take a tablespoon of honey daily before your breakfast or have it any time of the day with food like wheat bread. This will help reduce stomach inflammation and keep away other stomach diseases.

Home Remedies for Peptic Ulcers: Raw Honey

Tip 5:

A clove of garlic is highly recommended for stomach ulcer. Eat 2- 3 cloves of garlic a day during your daily meals to ease the inflammation in the stomach.

Tip 6:

Powder the bark of the slippery elm and add to a cup of warm water, mix well and drink the mixture three times a day. The bark of slippery elm has been used to soothe the mucus membranes that line the stomach and the duodenum.

Home Remedies for Peptic Ulcers: Slippery Elm
Tip 7:

Coconut oil has been used widely as a natural ingredient for treating various disturbances in the stomach. It has an anti-bacterial property that kills bacteria that cause ulcers.

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@RossM, India

Hello. I have recently been diagnosed with peptic ulcers and I am on a non stop antacid and antibiotics routine. I think, in the long run, switching to alternative medication is a good idea. So I did some research and found that Emblica officinalis is very useful in ulcer treatment. I also ordered Holoram Digest and Acidity 30 Formula online for my acid reflux. Has anyone tried these before? I am really looking forward to positive results.

@Waallovar1954, India

hi, this article is really helped me lot. thanks for sharing.


I would like to add one more tip i.e try using Propolis. It helps to cure ulcers more quickly than most of other medicine. In my opinion, it is best to avoid the occurring of ulcers. It is advised that not to consume food, which is high in acid and other similar substances.

@ulcer, India

i m suffering with the problam of ulcer, suggest me good medicine for this.