Polyclinic Medicor

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Polyclinic Medicor Details

Director / Dean 3
About our Hospital Health center with x-ray, ultrasound and color dopler diagnostic, all internal medicine branches and general and vascular surgery
No. of Beds 2
Address Bulevar umetnosti 15/1
City Belgrade
State Serbia
Pincode/Zipcode 11070
Country Yugoslavia
Telephone No. 1 99-381-113181920
Telephone No. 2 99-381-603181920
Fax 99-381-112137311
Website Address http://www.medicor.rs
Landmark Trust
Facilities Available radiology
Ultra Scan
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Consultant's Information

Name Qualification Specialization Consulting Details
Pavlovic Predrag cardiologist CARDIOLOGY Monday 10am To 12pm
Zadjina Vojimir surgent GENERAL SURGERY Monday 10am To 12pm
Stefanovic Dusan imunologist IMMUNOLOGY Monday 10am To 12pm
Sekulovic Slobodan radiologist Radiology Monday 10am To 12pm
Kronja Goran vascular surgent VASCULAR SURGERY Monday 10am To 12pm
Stojan Rus urologist urology Monday 10am To 12pm
Mrdja Vladimir pulmologist Pulmonology Monday 10am To 12pm
Lukacevic Stojan gastroenterologist Gastroenterology Monday 10am To 12pm
Buturajac Josip nephrologist NEPHROLOGY Monday 10am To 12pm
Kitanoski Boris otolaryingologist OTOLARYNGOLOGY Monday 10am To 12pm

Consultant's Information

Telephone No.: 99-381-113181920

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