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NCDs vs Household Income

  Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) have a negative impact on individuals and families. Loss of wages is the main consequence of NCDs. In South East Asia Region (SEAR), a significant proportion of the household income spent on unhealthy behaviours leads to exacerbation of poverty.

  In nature NCDs are prolonged one, so it affects productive capacity and also associated with high healthcare cost that drives poor families towards further poverty.

Household Expenditure Incurred on Risky Behaviours in South East Asian Region (SEAR)

  Costs of tobacco and alcohol use have a negative impact on household budget. In Bangladesh, the poorest spend more than 10 times on tobacco use than education.

  The average amount spent on tobacco per day would be enough to make at least one family member having just enough to eat.

  In Myanmar, the percentage of monthly expenditure for tobacco products was highest among the poorest people, but among higher income people it was low.

Indian Scenario

  Milk, education, clean fuels and entertainment consumption were reduced by tobacco use in Indian households.

  Among Delhi family members, huge differences were seen in alcohol spending. A member in a family consuming 3 or more drinks per week spent almost 14 times more on alcohol each month.

  Excessive alcohol consumption resulted in decreased financial resources for food, education and daily consumables and more debts.

Ratio of expenditure on tobacco to education, by household expenditure group, Bangladesh, 1995-96

Impact of Tobacco Use

  In 2008, Indonesian smokers spent 22 US$ per month on tobacco, similarly yearly tobacco expense was 15.3billion US $.

  In 2007, the second highest expenditure category after food was tobacco expense with 11%.

  Only 5% spent by wealthiest people on cigarettes, but 10% spent by poorest in Nepal.

Source: WHO-2011 report

SEAR Countries

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