The famous four-lettered word for sex has some intriguing tales of its origin, which are not necessarily true but all the same interesting. Apparently in ancient England a person could only have babies with permission of the king. When they had sex a placard hung on their door which said - F.*.*.*. - Fornication Under Consent of the King on it. Some others have said it is an acronym for 'For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge' and was used when someone was punished for 'prostitution.’

Read some trivial sex facts that have more grain of truth than the origin of the four-lettered word that is used so commonly now.

1. Most famous slogan during World War II - Don't forget – “Put it on before you put it in.”

2. Marilyn Monroe - the most sexy icon of the last century despite all the lovers she had and the three husbands never experienced an orgasm.

3. Among the mammals - Humans and Dolphins are the only creatures that get pleasure out of sex.

4. 30 minutes of aggressive sex can only burn about 200 calories.

5. More women talk dirty during sex then men do (Playboy).

6. The most successful X-rated movie of all time is ‘Deep Throat.’ It only cost $50,000 to make but did a business of more than $100 million.

7. Sperm travels about 3 to 4 inches before it can fertilize an egg and it takes the sperm about 30 minutes to travel the distance.

8. The areas of the body that swell during intercourse are the genitals of both partners, the breasts and also the inner section of nose – a little known fact.

9. The word "sex" was first used in 1382.

10. Pornography comes from Greek and means the "Writing of Prostitutes".

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Xianne01, N/A

Wow! An interesting history to behold...