The rising number of pornography sites on the Internet has often raised questions about the size of our sex organs. False expectations abound among teenagers and some grown ups. If you are a 'tape person' then 'Sex Numbers' should help you clarify some of these false notions.

Our average size apply to 85 to 90% of the general population. If you are different, write a comment or make a support group. Remember big is not always beautiful, in fact it can be painful for a female. Read on…

Male Genital Organs

1. Penis- During – Erection- 5 to 7 inches with an angle of 15 degrees from the horizontal pointing upwards.

2. Penis when Flaccid or resting – 3 to 5 inches – pointing downwards

3. Testicle Size:  5 x 2 x 3 cm or about 2 inches in length, 0.8 inch in breath, and 1.2 inches in diameter Left testis hangs lower than right testis and appears bigger.

Female Genital Organs

1. Vagina – Normal depth – 3 inches. Diameter – 0.8 inches

2. Vagina when stimulated – Depth - 4 inches. Diameter - 2.5inches

3. Vaginal angle corresponds to the male organ angle and it lies at 45 degrees. 

4. Hymen Thickness - 0.05-0.10 inches (0.125-0.25 cm.).

5. Vaginal pH - 4.0 to 5.0 ( very acidic. Urine pH -5.5 top 6.5 )

6. Clitoris – Total length -  1 inch,  the part that projects and peeps out is only 0.20 long. It is male equivalent of the penis and is full of sensory nerves

Ejaculation & Orgasm

1. Average Sperm Length: 4 microns.

2. Average Sperm Concentration: 20 million sperm per milliliter.

3. Average Number of Sperm per ejaculate: 300-500 million sperm

4. Total Number of sperms during a man's lifetime 1.2 trillion sperm

5. Average Ejaculatory Speed: - 28 miles per hour or 45 km/hr.

6. Average Ejaculatory Volume: 4 ml or almost one teaspoon,

7. Once the sperm the vagina it takes the 4 micron sperm only 5 minutes to cross the 6 inches of territory to the cervix.

8. Orgasmic contractions in both sexes occur at intervals of 0.8 seconds and the  average duration of Orgasm in male is only 3-5 seconds whereas is females it is a little longer at 5 to 8 seconds.

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small & thick advice penis fet & long strong long time enjoing sex my patner pls

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My sex duration is above 45 min.isn't good for my partner?

gupta_1982, India

My penis size is only 4inches when erected
What should I do?

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my penies not come outside when i do the self hand