Alarming Facts about Kidney Disease

1. The incidence kidney failure (or chronic Kidney disease) has doubled the last 15 years.

2. It is estimated that currently there are over 1 million people worldwide who are alive on dialysis or with a functioning graft.

3. Diabetes is an important cause of kidney failure and diabetes is five times more common in the Asians when compared to the white population

4. Another lifestyle related disorder - hypertension is an important cause of kidney failure and it too has seen a global increase in its incidence. Asians again are twice more prone to develop this condition in comparison to the white population.

5. Almost 66% kidney failure occurs due to hypertension or diabetes.

6. There are approximately 7.85 million people suffering from chronic kidney failure in India.

7. It is estimated that there are between 11 to 30 million people with chronic Kidney disease or other evidence of kidney disease in USA.

8. In the United States the cost of treating patients with renal replacement therapy will be US $28 billion by the year 2010. It is estimated that over 600 000 patients will require treatment.

9. In India 90% patients who suffer from kidney disease are not able to afford the cost of treatment.

10. The crisis of kidney shortage is a global phenomenon and it is worst in Asian countries. There were over 75,000 patients waiting for a transplant in the United States at the end of 2007.


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