Coronary Angioplasty – FAQ’s

Q: Which doctors do the coronary angioplasty procedure?

A: Coronary angioplasty procedure is carried out by a cardiologist in a cardiac catheterization laboratory.


Q:  Is angioplasty done only for the heart?

A: No. Angioplasty done for the coronary blood vessels is termed as coronary angioplasty. Angioplasty can also be done for blocks in other blood vessels such as carotid artery.

Q: What is the difference between angiography and angioplasty?

A: Angiography is a diagnostic procedure in which a dye is introduced into the coronary arteries and any blocks are detected. Angioplasty is a therapeutic procedure wherein a narrowed portion of an artery is widened, thus restoring blood flow.

Q: What are drug eluting stents?

A: Drug-eluting stents are medicated stents that slowly release a drug which may be paclitaxel, sirolimus, zotalimus or everolimus. These drugs prevent the proliferation of cells in the stent, thus preventing subsequent restenosis of the artery. One disadvantage of using drug-eluting stents is that the patient may be susceptible to clot formation in the stent for up to 3 years following the procedure and has to take anti-platelet medications like aspirin and clopidogrel for at least a year.

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