Cardiac Catheterization - Glossary

Cardiac Catheterization - Glossary

Cardiovascular: Related to heart and its blood vessels

Coagulopathy: Disease in the process of forming blood clots

Congenital: Present at birth

Coronary artery disease: Blockage in the artery supplying blood to the heart

Cyanotic: Birth defects of the heart, which permits oxygen-depleted (blue) blood to circulate to the body without passing through the lungs

Embolism: A block in an artery caused by blood clots or other substances, such as fat globules, infected tissue, or cancer cells

Epilepsy: Seizures due to a change in the electrical discharge by the brain cells

Fluoroscopy: An x-ray procedure that makes it possible to see internal organs in motion

Mitral Stenosis: Narrowing of the mitral valve causing reduced blood supply to the left ventricle

Syncope: Loss of consciousness

Transient Ischemic attack: Temporary interruption of blood supply to a portion of the brain, giving rise to completely reversible brain damage, symptoms and clinical signs
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