Top Tips to Beat the Summer Heat


From occasional ice-cream treats to those awesome cropped shorts you were waiting to get into for so long - summer does bring along a lot of ‘highs.’

While staying indoors in your air-conditioned space may seem like the only thing you want to do, it’s not always possible and not even healthy; and that’s exactly why we’ve bought you these simple tips to tackle the heat easily.

Top Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Eye Gear

You may have shelled out big bucks to make a style statement with your new sunglasses, but that’s not just it - your sunglasses are an absolute summer necessity. Invest in a pair that offers 100% UV protection, so while you’re flaunting your cool look you’re also warding off those crow’s feet and wrinkles.

Top Tips to Beat the Summer Heat: Sunglasses

Take a Shower

There’s nothing better than a nice bath after a hot, sweaty day. Use a cooling shower gel or soap for some extra freshness. Pick up stuff with tea tree oil or mint extracts for that tingly fresh feeling.

Top Tips to Beat the Summer Heat: Take Shower


This one’s an obvious no-brainer; make sure you take 7-8 glasses of water a day, especially during the summers, when you’re more likely to sweat a lot and need more liquid intake. Steer clear off sodas and fizzy drinks and stick to fresh fruit juice and plain water.

Top Tips to Beat the Summer Heat: Drink Water

Eat Light


Fried and heavy foods tend to make the digestive system sluggish, and have obvious negative impact on your overall health. Make sure you stick to light foods during the summers, preferably raw veggies. Swap a heavy buttery meal for a salad with tomatoes, lettuce, coriander, mint, cucumber and beans with a light dressing.

Top Tips to Beat the Summer Heat: Eat Light Foods

Get Wise with Ice

Believe it or not, but there are actually some particular spots on your body, which can help you cool down much quicker. Grab an ice pack and hold it over your wrists and around your neck, or even on the insides of your ankles and the top of your feet for a quick cool-down. But a big No to cool drinks straight from the refrigerator, however thirsty you are!

Top Tips to Beat the Summer Heat: Ice Pack

Grab the Fruits

Summer is one of the best times to grab some natural fruit power! Choose from seasonal fruits like watermelon, ripe mangoes, pineapple, grapefruit, pears and other citrus fruits. These fruits have high water content and have a cooling effect on the body. A glass of fresh fruit juice would be a perfect complement to a breakfast in summer.

Top Tips to Beat the Summer Heat: Seasonal Fruits

Dress Easy


One of the best ways to tackle the summer heat while you’re outdoors is to wear light, comfortable clothes. Choose light, breathable fabrics like cotton, and stick to lighter colors. This will not only keep you cool and comfortable, but will also prevent skin infections and irritations that occur due to friction between the skin and the fabric.

Top Tips to Beat the Summer Heat: Dress Easy

Use the Sunscreen

There can never be enough emphasis on the benefits of using a sunscreen, especially during the sunny days. Choose a sunscreen that has a sun protection factor of 15 or higher, keeping in mind your skin type, and slather it on, at least 30 minutes before you step out into the sun.

Top Tips to Beat the Summer Heat: Sunscreen

Choose the Correct Footwear

Sweaty feet call for skin infections and other foot problems, so make sure you choose the correct footwear during summer. While it may not always be wise and convenient to wear flip flops and open sandals, make sure you choose footwear that’s open and lets the air flow freely. If it is an elaborate occasion or a meeting with the client and you just can’t avoid the shoes, be sure to sprinkle some cooling powder on your feet beforehand to prevent sweating.

Top Tips to Beat the Summer Heat: Choose Correct Footwear

Stay Cool in the Car

Let’s face it. Travelling is not always pleasant, especially during the hot summers. If your car is heated when you step into it, and you’re going to travel a long distance, here’s a cool trick to get your car cooled down in just minutes. Open the two parallel doors of your car, and then open and close one of the doors repeatedly for 5-6 times. Before you start driving-that is!

Top Tips to Beat the Summer Heat: Stay Cool in the Car

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