Bad Fish Choices

Bad Fish Choices

The fish that contain the highest levels of mercury are considered the worst fish for human consumption. They are:

  1. Mackerel, shark, swordfish and tilefish
  2. Tuna – fresh or frozen (Canned tuna has lower levels of mercury because the tuna used in the canning process are smaller varieties of fish. Also canned tuna labeled as “chunk light” has less mercury than “solid albacore” tuna.

Shellfish has a high level of cholesterol and should be sparingly used by people on a fat reduction diet.

The health benefits of fish, however, outweigh the minimal exposure to consuming fish with low levels of mercury. One should be careful about taking fish oil capsules as well as may also contain high levels of mercury. Methyl mercury can be highly dangerous for pregnant women, lactating women, young children and infants. Fish with low methyl mercury has to be strictly chosen to sea off any birth and developmental defects in the child.

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