Diet during Jaundice - Health Tips

Health Tips


  • Rest is absolutely essential during the recuperative period. If you like lazing in bed on weekdays this is your chance to do it absolutely guilt free!
  • Make it a point to follow your doctor’s recommendations religiously, with regard to medication and dosages.
  • Avoid self-medicating, no matter what the medication and do not consume any herbal products or supplements without consulting your doctor.
  • Make sure to avoid consuming any alcohol during this period as the liver is already under considerable strain and alcohol consumption at this stage could cause severe damage to the liver.
  • When dealing with infant jaundice, make sure that the baby is breastfed adequately.


  • Hepatitis infections are among the most common causes of jaundice and they can cause permanent damage to the liver. Vaccination against hepatitis A and B can help to lower your risk of developing jaundice considerably. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine for hepatitis C at present.
  • Tourists visiting regions where malaria is endemic should exercise caution and take prophylactic medications as recommended by physicians.
  • High-risk individuals such as those having a history of liver problems should avoid alcohol altogether.
  • The risk of hepatitis B and C increases with intravenous drug use and unprotected intercourse. Likewise, it is important to exercise caution if you work with syringes or blood products.
  • Try to follow a balanced diet and always make sure that you maintain a healthy weight. Also, keep your cholesterol levels in check by going for regular health checks and taking corrective measures accordingly.