Water Borne Diseases in Asia After Tsunami Attack

Water Borne Diseases in Asia after Tsunami Attack

After the Tsunami attack in Asia on sunday the 26th of december the great problem people faced the threat of Water Borne Diseases, linked to flood waters like Shigellosis, Cholera, Hepatitis A, Leptospirosis, Typhoid Fever, Malaria and Dengue fever. Drinking of polluted drinking water, poor sanitation and over crowding in temporary settlements were all a factor for such diseases. This could be controlled by providing clean drinking water and avoid breeding of mosquitoes.

"Millions of people will be at grave risk of waterborne disease unless there is immediate action to provide clean water in communities hit by tidal waves in South Asia"- UNICEF

"Diarrhoeal diseases, or mosquito borne dengue fever or malaria, could kill as many people as the tidal waves in South Asia." -World Health Organization (WHO)

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