Treatment for Eclampsia

The treatment of eclampsia aims at preventing further convulsions, controlling the elevated blood pressure, and delivery as soon as viable for the fetus. Blood pressure checkups and urine tests for protein will indicate the possibility of developing eclampsia.

Prevention of convulsions

Seizures can be controlled with anticonvulsant medications. Magnesium sulfate is a safe drug that can be used during pregnancy.

Controlling the elevated blood pressure

The doctor may prescribe medication to lower the high blood pressure. However, if the blood pressure remains consistently high, delivery may be needed.


Delivery is the treatment of choice for severe preeclampsia to prevent eclampsia. Prolonging the pregnancy can be dangerous to the mother and the baby. The goal is to manage severe preeclampsia until 32-34 weeks of pregnancy, and mild preeclampsia until 36-37 weeks. This helps reduce complications from premature delivery.