Foot Ulcer - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which specialist should I consult for treatment of foot ulcer?

A: You should consult a general surgeon or a vascular surgeon. Diabetics should consult a diabetic specialist for control of their blood sugar levels.


Q: Why does foot ulcer often occur in diabetics?

A: In diabetes, the elevated blood sugar levels cause damage to the peripheral nerves leading to loss of sensation. Thus minor injuries might be neglected and develop into more serious and non-healing foot ulcers. Additionally, wound healing is also impaired in diabetics.

Q: I am a diabetic and have noticed a small ulcer on my foot. Should I see a doctor?

A: Yes. You should see a doctor immediately to address the problem.

Q: What is Apligraf and its role in diabetic wound healing?

A: Apligraf is derived from fetal foreskin. It promotes the process of natural healing by stimulating the release of chemicals called growth factors which aid the healing process.

Q: What is callus? How is it treated?

A: Callus is dead thickened tissue seen in diabetics. It prevents healing and could lead to further ulceration due to pressure from footwear and improper gait, especially in diabetics with impaired sensation in their feet.

It can be surgically removed and the procedure is painless.