Egg Donation - Caution


Special caution must be exercised by a woman who is preparing for egg donation, as there are several factors,besides health issues, that are of grave concern.

  • In the case of egg donation for the purpose of reproduction, fertility clinics or the individuals concerned may be involved in the transaction. Sometimes a third party or a broker involved.
  • Selection may take place after a telephonic interview or a direct one. Several questions related to the candidate’s medical history and that of her family will be asked.
  • Sometimes genetic testing or screening for high-risk diseases is done on the candidate as part of the protocol.
  • The candidate should well be aware of the payment details.A medical insurance may cover in the case of complications.
  • Consult the doctor on details regarding medications
  • The candidate must be psychologically prepared to meet the physical and emotional challenges offered by the programme.
  • It may be advisable to talk to a counselor to minimise the stress
  • Those who are religiously inclined may also take the advise of a religious counselor if they so desire
  • Donors should find the answers to the following questions-
  1. Who will foot the bills for the medical tests?
  2. What happens to the information provided?
  3. Is there a system in place in case of an emergency?
  4. If a risk is detected after genetic testing, is there scope for genetic counseling?
  5. What is the status of the medical/life insurance when a high-risk status is detected?
  6. If the offspring develops a disease or requires a transplant later on, will the concerned people contact the donor for help?
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