Eczema: Miracles with Homeopathy - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to cure eczema with homeopathy?

A: With homeopathy, it is purely an individual case study that decides the prognosis and the time to cure each patient. It might take a day or up to 1-2 years depending on the individual’s symptoms. Stubborn and old cases of eczema tend to take a couple of months, while newly diagnosed cases respond within weeks.


Q: What other care should be taken along with homeopathy?


  • Use cotton bedsheets to avoid overheating and perspiration in bed.
  • Wear cotton clothes and avoid wool, as well as other artificial fibers.
  • Wash clothes in non-biological and preferably unperfumed washing powders and do not use fabric conditioners.
  • Avoid perfumed soaps and bubble baths and use lukewarm water for bathing.
  • After swimming in chlorinated water, do not forget to have a shower.
  • If the hands are affected, use gloves for household chores, gardening, DIY, etc.
  • Protect young babies away from direct sun exposure, but avoid alcohol-based sun blocks.
  • Trim children's fingernails and use mittens if necessary.
  • Vacuum clean mattresses and keep the bedroom dust-free as dust-mite allergy is common.
  • Avoid foods that appear to provoke or aggravate the condition.
  • Use a non-medicated moisturizer as often as needed on the skin to keep it moist and hydrated, preventing cracks and worsening of eczema.