Diaper Rash - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which doctor do I need to see for my baby with diaper rash?

A: Pediatrician.


Q: How will I recognize diaper rash?

A: If you see red inflamed area over the region of diaper then it is diaper rash. This rash is thus commonly seen over the buttocks, inner side of the thighs, scrotum and mons.

Q: Despite of changing the diapers frequently, my child has diaper rash? What do I do?

A: In addition to frequent changing of diapers, you should also wash the perianal area with warm water and not scrub the area. If the rash still persists let the baby go without a diaper as much as possible. Try changing the detergent you use for washing the diapers.

Q: Is diaper rash infectious?

A: No, diaper rash is not infectious. In case of secondary infections by bacteria or fungus the rash could be infectious.

Q: How long will the diaper rash last?

A: Diaper rash usually lasts for 2 to 3 days. With proper care and management the rash will subside.

Q: I regularly use disposable, cotton diapers. I used a commercial diaper once and immediately thereafter, my baby had rash. Is it possible?

A: Yes, diaper rash can occur as a one-time episode or it could occur frequently. Your child must have been sensitive to the materials used in the commercial diaper and this can result in allergic rash.

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