Ciguatera - Fish Poisoning: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention

Ciguatera - Fish Poisoning: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which doctor should I consult for ciguatera toxicity?

A: Your regular GP or a gastroenterologist should be consulted soon after symptoms become evident.


Q: What is symptom recurrence and sensitization in ciguatera poisoning?

A: People who suffered from Ciguatera poisoning could experience a recurrence of neurological symptoms on consumption of alcohol, nuts, nut oil or fish. To avoid this, such food types should not be consumed.

In addition, they may suffer from increased sensitivity to fish that may be contaminated with ciguatera. The same amount of fish might not produce any symptom among normal individuals.

Q: Is ciguatera the only type of marine toxin?

A: Ciguatera is the most common type of marine toxin but there are other marine toxins that could affect human on consumption of contaminated fish.

Q: Are home testing kits available?

A: There are many testing kits that are available in the market but their effectiveness is still under question. Laboratory testing is highly specific but it is expensive.

Q: Are all coral reefs ciguatoxic?

A: No. Not all coral reefs are ciguatoxic. Ciguatoxic fish are usually found in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and the Caribbean Islands.

Q: What is the toxic dose for ciguatera?

A: The toxic dose is 23-230.