Makeup - Pros and Cons

Freedom is the birthright of people of every race and gender. It gives women a right to look beautiful. As such it is a boon to modern women who love to play with colors. Makeup, at one time only belonged to the stage and galleries of theaters, but a few revolutionary women like Elizabeth Arden and Shehnaaz Hussain introduced makeup to normal women from everyday walks of life to look extra-ordinarily beautiful.

It didn’t take much time for women to understand that make-up could make them beautiful and stunning, thus it became an integral part of women’s everyday life. By using make up women accentuate their strength and hide their flaws. Girls as young as thirteen are obsessed with lip glosses, kohl, nail enamels and tinted powders. Though at times, this beautiful obsession could be expensive on health and skin. Hence, it is important to know the risks and benefits of make-up.

Pros of makeup:

It is no longer a secret as to why women are obsessed with makeup. It can be applied quickly and efficiently. Women feel strong, confident and happy when they wear makeup. Some benefits of wearing makeup is that it helps women to hide blemishes and other flaws on their face. Also helps them highlight facial features which otherwise would not be as defined without makeup. There are thousands of products lined-up on shelves which suit different complexions, textures of skin, shape and size of the faces, and conceal blemishes. A study shows that older women who used make-up had less falls and a better posture than those who never or rarely used any makeup. Statistics say that 67% of women received better treatment from others when they wore makeup.

Cons of Makeup:

Wearing makeup everyday can cause serious skin problems. Most of the cosmetics available in the market contain chemicals, colors, additives and preservatives, some of them are even toxic. For instance, lipsticks contain dangerous ingredients including lead. Similarly there are equally harmful chemical compounds in blushers, kohl, powders, eye shadows, foundation and more. A layer of makeup on the skin clogs the pores and prevents skin from breathing.

Women rarely check the ingredients of products, nor do they discard them on expiry. Makeup should be worn lightly and occasionally. It is very important to remove makeup before retiring for the day.


Using light make up enhances a woman’s beauty and allure.