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"If you check the health of a woman, you check the health of society." - Rebecca Milner

Why is Health Screening in Men between 40 and 64 years so important?

Screening tests help to diagnose diseases early when symptoms have not yet appeared. Early detection of diseases permits early treatment and prevention of complications. Some diseases like cancer can be completely cured only if detected early.

Men are at their productive best between the ages of 40 and 64 years. However, this is also the period when they are exposed to high stress levels and are prone to various health issues.

Regular health checkups along with screening for various diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure as well as cancers help to control or nip the problem in the bud before it is too late. Some of the diseases which can be detected in this age group include:

  • Diabetes,
  • Hypertension,
  • Hypercholesterolemia,
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • and Prostate cancer.

Besides, individuals can also be advised to follow a healthy lifestyle during their interactions with the physician.

What tests are recommended for screening men between 40 and 64 years of age?

Several screening tests are recommended for men between 40 and 64 years of age. These include:

  • Routine Examination by a Doctor

A routine examination should be done every 1 to 5 years. It should include examination of the skin and testes for cancer. Individuals should be advised to do monthly testicular self examinations as well as lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising, controlling weight and avoiding smoking and alcohol. In some countries, the physician may advise vaccination against diseases like flu, pneumonia, tetanus-diphtheria and herpes zoster.

  • Dental Examination

Men are advised to undergo annual dental examinations and cleaning of teeth.

  • Eye Testing

Eye examination should be carried out every 2 years above the age of 40. Testing for glaucoma should be done every 2 years over the age of 45.

  • Blood Pressure

Blood pressure should be checked once every 2 years and more often if it is above normal level.

  • Lipid profile

A lipid profile to check cholesterol levels should be carried out once every 5 years beyond the age of 34 years. If the individual suffers from additional problems like diabetes, heart disease or kidney disease, a more frequent testing may be needed.

  • Colon Cancer Screening

Colon cancer screening is advised for men over 50 years of age. African Americans, who are at a higher risk for colon cancer, are recommended to start screening when they are over 45 years. The tests could include a yearly stool test, a flexible sigmoidoscopy with a stool guaiac test every 5 years, a colonoscopy every 10 years or a CT colonography. People at high risk may be advised a colonoscopy more often.

  • Prostate Cancer Screening

Men should discuss with their physician about prostate cancer screening once they are 50 years of age or 45 years in case of African Americans or other individuals at high risk for developing the cancer. Digital rectal examination and blood tumor market testing for Prostate Specific Aantigen (PSA) are recommended for screening prostate cancer.

  • Osteoporosis Screening

Men can discuss with their doctor regarding osteoporosis screening between the ages of 50 and 70 years.

  • Blood sugar Testing

A fasting and postprandial blood sugar level should be done once in 3 years to check for diabetes. Hemoglobin A1C testing may also be used alternatively to detect diabetes.

  • HIV Testing

Men with multiple sexual partners or at high risk for developing HIV may need to undergo screening for the disease.


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