Last Updated on Jan 05, 2017


1. Which doctor should I visit to get flexible sigmoidoscopy done?

You should visit a gastroenterologist to get a flexible sigmoidoscopy done. Sometimes, general practitioners may also do the procedure.

2. Is there anything called rigid sigmoidoscopy?

Rigid sigmoidoscopes are also available, but flexible sigmoidoscopes are preferred since they allow better visualization of the inner lining of the large intestine with minimal discomfort to the patient.

3. What is the difference between flexible sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy?

Flexible sigmoidoscopy is a faster procedure compared to colonoscopy. It does not require sedation and the person can return to work soon after the procedure. In contrast, colonoscopy takes longer time and requires sedation. However, colonoscopy permits examination of the entire colon whereas in sigmoidoscopy, only the last part of the colon is examined. Thus a number of cancers especially those on the right side could be missed in flexible sigmoidoscopy. Flexible sigmoidoscopy should be repeated every 5 years whereas colonoscopy every 10 years.

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