Tooth Decay Rise in Australia During COVID-19 Shutdown Highlights Importance of Responsible Oral Hygiene Practices, says A-Z Dental Care

Saturday, September 12, 2020 Dental News
West Covina-based dental center A-Z Dental Care comments on a recent article that, despite social distancing measures, most of their patients can be seen by a dentist in a reasonable amount of time.

WEST COVINA, Calif., Sept. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- An August 3 article on Hospital and Healthcare reports on newly published findings of a significant increase in the number of Australian adults suffering from tooth decay as the COVID-19 global health crisis continues. The article reports that, compared to previous years where there were as many as one in four adults experiencing tooth decay, 2020 has seen the ratio rise to one in three Australian adults, which may be at least partially due to social distancing measures and economic downturn. West Covina-based dental center A-Z Dental Care says that, while the study focuses strictly on Australian adults, similar conditions in the United States suggest that comparable trends may be occurring here as well, and many more Americans than usual may be experiencing tooth decay. The center says that tooth decay is almost unavoidable without a proper dental hygiene routine, and limited access to dental services may only exacerbate the issue.

The West Covina dental office notes that the first step to protecting one's oral health is regularly brushing teeth. While it may be tempting to forgo brushing after a midnight snack when people are tired, cleansing the mouth of acids and sugars before several hours of rest can do wonders for one's oral wellbeing, as damaging chemicals are removed and kept from further harming teeth overnight.

The dental center adds that how one brushes their teeth is just as important. One may assume it's orally virtuous to brush teeth as if one is scrubbing a frying pan with the hard side of a sponge, but harsh brushing will only serve to irritate the gums and wear down enamel. Instead, gentle yet firm brushing motions are ideal. For the sake of being thorough, brushing for about two minutes and flossing in between teeth will offer the best results. A mouth wash is also beneficial, the dental practice says, but it may be better to wait for at least 30 minutes before using one to give teeth time to absorb the helpful ingredients of toothpaste, notably fluoride.

A-Z Dental Care notes that most patients are still able to be seen in a reasonably timely manner by the clinic's dentist, Dr. Mirhamid Salek, a noted expert in orofacial pain. So, if a patient is suffering from an oral ailment or even needs regular preventive care, they don't have to wait for long provided they promptly schedule an appointment, the center says.

Interested readers can learn more about A-Z Dental Care by visiting the dental office's website at or by calling (626) 314-690


SOURCE A-Z Dental Care

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