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1. HEALTH: NEW CDC RECOMMENDATIONS UNDERSCORE IMPORTANCE OF FLU SHOTS. DR.NATHAN NEWMAN, chief medical officer of SOLANTIC, a leading provider of walk-in urgent care across Florida and a leader in flu prevention and care:"Everyone should get the flu vaccine. The flu is a highly contagious virusthat causes an average of 36,000 deaths and 200,000 hospitalizations in theU.S. every year." Newman can speak about the Center for Disease Control andPrevention's new flu vaccination recommendations, including the vaccination ofall children ages 6 months to 18 years. For the first time in nearly twodecades, this year's vaccine includes three new and different flu strains. Hecan also discuss the FluMist, an intranasal alternative to flu shots forpeople ages 2-49, and the myths associated with flu vaccinations. NewsContacts: Michelle Gilliam,, and Michelle King, Phone: +1-904-645-6200 (10/10/08)

2. HEALTH: OBAMA, MCCAIN IGNORE MAJOR TREND SET TO FURTHER INJURE AILINGHEALTHCARE SYSTEM. DR. WILLIAM DUNN, practicing oncologist who specializes inthe treatment and prevention of cancer, can discuss the connection betweencancer and obesity: "The rate of obesity in this country is increasing at anastonishing rate. Worse yet, more and more of our society is accepting thesehigher and more dangerous weight levels as the norm. It is almost commonknowledge that obesity leads to heart disease and diabetes. But relativelyrecently, the American Cancer Society reported a link between obesity andcancer. Within a decade, should this trend not reverse, we will see pandemicproportions of cancer, diabetes and heart disease that will drown our healthsystem, and spell certain disaster in spite of any healthcare reform." Dunnhas written a report, "The Obesity Flood," on this issue, which can beaccessed at the link listed below. Web site: (10/10/08)

3. HEALTH: FDA's PUBLIC HEARING ON CHILDREN'S OVER-THE-COUNTER COUGH AND COLDMEDICINE: WHAT IT MEANS FOR PARENTS. DR. JENNIFER SHU, pediatrician, mom andco-author of award-winning parenting books published by the American Academyof Pediatrics: "In light of the recent FDA hearing about the safety, efficacyand use of cold and cough medications by children, it is important thatparents are aware of safe, drug-free alternatives for children's nasalcongestion that can help children breathe better without unwanted sideeffects. Parents may be feeling a sense of confusion when it comes to treatingtheir children suffering from nasal congestion. They shouldn't forget thatthere are plenty of drug-free treatment options out there that can helpchildren feel better without unwanted side effects -- something that gives mepeace of mind when treating my own child." Shu's passion is educating parentson all topics relating to children. She is editor-in-chief of the AmericanAcademy of Pediatrics' "Baby and Child Health" and co-author of "Heading Homewith Your Newborn" and "Food Fights." Shu is a member of the Parents magazineboard of advisors and an editorial advisor for the AAP's Healthy Childrendoctor's office publication. She has been featured as a guest expert on CNN,"NBC Nightly News," "Headline News," MSNBC and Discovery Health, as well as inUS News & World Report, USA Today, US Weekly, and parenting magazines,newspapers and medical publications. News Contact: Teresa Calanni, Phone: +1-312-729-4229 (10/10/08)

4. HEALTH: NATIONAL SPINE HEALTH DAY. JASON BREWTON, PT, director of physicaltherapy at the TEXAS BACK INSTITUTE: "Oct. 16 is National Spine Health Day andwas established to bring attention and understanding about exercise as themost effective means to reduce the prevalence and severity of back pain. Whilethe occurrence of back pain is widespread, the underlying causes are often notwell understood by the general population. The best prevention for back painis simple: regular exercise, good posture and proper body mechanics. Mostpeople don't realize how important their spine is to their overall health.Back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor's office,outnumbered only by upper-respiratory infections." Brewton is available tospeak about tips to prevent back pain and injuries, as well as topics relatingto spinal care. News Contact: Katherine Teel, katherine_teel@richards.comPhone: +1-214-891-2923 (10/10/08)

5. HEALTH: PREVENTING COLDS AND FLU. JOYCE FONTANA, RN, associate professorof nursing at SAINT JOSEPH COLLEGE in West Hartford, Conn.: "The cold is anacute upper respiratory infection by a virus. There is no cure, onlysymptomatic treatment. More than 100 viruses can cause the common cold, whichis why there is no vaccine. The best way to prevent the spread of anyrespiratory infection, including influenza, is to avoid contact with aninfected person. People who are not feeling well should stay home. This willnot eliminate the spread, however, because the cold has a one-to-four dayincubation period, during which a person is contagious. Always cover yourmouth and nose when coughing or sneezing even if you are feeling well. And,don't forget, the single best way to prevent spreading any infectious diseaseis frequent hand washing." News Contact: Laura Snyder, laura@dickjonescomm.comPhone: +1-347-240-4745 (10/10/08)

6. HEALTH: INFLUENZA VACCINES FOR FLU SEASON. DR. TAMARA LEWIS, MD, MPA, MPH,medical director of community health and prevention at INTERMOUNTAINHEALTHCARE, a leading non-profit integrated hospital system based in Salt LakeCity, and immunization and vaccine expert: "There is an abundance of influenzavaccines this season, so there is no reason anyone who needs or wants a shotcan't get one. It's not too soon to get vaccinated. Flu season runs fromOctober to March, and patients need a new shot every year to cover differentvirus strains. In fact, all of the three strains in this year's approvedvaccine are new, in order to match the virus strains most likely to cause fluin the U.S. this season. The severity of the flu season will depend on howclosely new virus strains match circulating viruses people have previouslybeen exposed to, how many people are vaccinated, and even the weather." Lewisis available to offer tips about what consumers -- especially those who aremost at risk, such as people over 65 years old, those with chronic healthproblems and parents of children between six months and 2 years old -- can doto protect themselves. She is a liaison member to the Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, whichprovides advice and guidance to the U.S. Department of Health and HumanServices. News Contact: Sakura Amend, Phone: +1-212-576-2700, ext. 237 (10/10/08)

7. HEALTH: BROADBAND VIDEO TECH'S IMPACT ON FITNESS CONSUMERS AND WEIGHT-LOSSINDUSTRY. JAS SINGH, CEO of the industry-leading Web TV fitness channelSLIMTREE.COM, is available to discuss the emergence, significance and benefitsof free access to online exercise video programming for fitness-consciousconsumers worldwide: "An extraordinary 196 million U.S. adults are overweight,obese or extremely obese, and an estimated 81 million people watch broadbandvideo at home or at work. Combined, broadband video technology isrevolutionizing the fitness and weight-loss industries at large, whileuniquely serving a burgeoning consumer need and breaking down an array of keybarriers -- fitness program cost, safety, effectiveness, flexibility,convenience, anonymity and mobility among them -- thus, enabling health-seekers worldwide to exercise for free, on their own terms. News Contact:Merilee Kern, Phone: +1-858-577-0206 (10/10/08)

8. HEALTH: 10-MINUTE OFFICE ENERGY BOOSTERS. DR. BRITTA ZIMMER, naturopathicphysician and chief health officer at nutritional supplement purveyorGOODELEMENTS.COM, offers workplace wellness solutions: "We've all been there:sitting at our desks tired, lethargic and far from motivated. From caffeine-driven blood sugar crashes to non-sustaining, fat-laden fast-food lunches to afundamental lack of quality sleep, America's workforce is in desperate need ofa quick and sustainable pick-me-up. By taking just 10 minutes from your busywork day, there are quick energy-enhancing strategies that'll help yourejuvenate, revive, and make the rest of your day more productive andsatisfying." News Contact: Merilee Kern, Phone:+1-858-577-0206 (10/10/08)

9. HEALTH: WAYS TO WARD OFF HOLIDAY WEIGHT GAIN. TERRY HARRIS, assistantdirector of admissions at BROWN MACKIE COLLEGE in Findlay, Ohio, is acertified specialist in health, fitness and nutrition: "One thing you can doleading up to the holidays is focus on your caloric intake each day. Eat mealscomposed of different colors, which helps to cover each food group, with eachserving about the size of your palm. You don't have to deny yourself dessert.You can shave calories from each meal to make room for it without consumingextra calories." News Contact: J. Stephen Dobbins, Phone:+1-412-227-4005 (10/10/08)

10. LEISURE: HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR HOME MOVIES FOR THE HOLIDAYS. DOUG YEAGER,associate dean of academic affairs for BROWN MACKIE COLLEGE in Cincinnati, andformer chair of the school's audio and video production program: "Creatinghome movies for the holidays can be exciting. To produce quality movies,amateurs must avoid camera shakiness. Using a tripod will provide the helphere. If you don't have one, consider using the 'roll step' technique forbalance. Another common problem is associated with the 'zoom' option. Any'bump' or camera shakiness during zoom becomes exaggerated. Frame composition,scene angles, and purchasing decent editing software will preserve preciousfamily memories." News Contact: J. Stephen Dobbins, Phone:+1-412-227-4005 (10/10/08)

11. PARENTING: HELPING CHILDREN DEAL WITH THE LOSS OF A FAMILY MEMBER ORLOVED ONE. SUSAN MCGROARTY, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology atCHESTNUT HILL COLLEGE and expert in child trauma: "Children should never beforced to participate in the actual funeral. It is appropriate, however, toencourage visiting the bereaved in their home and bringing something -- maybesome flowers the child picked or a hand-decorated note. Inclusion in memorialor religious services is a bit more complex. It depends on cultural norms andthe age of the child. Don't send children the message that death is somethingthey can't handle and we (the adults) will protect them. The flip side isoverwhelming the child with turbulent displays of emotion. Whileunderstandable and sometimes a necessary part of grief, they can scare kidswho need to feel the adults they depend on are in control. If the loss istraumatic in any way, it is important to consider protecting children fromoverwhelming expressions of grief, but it is important to balance sending themessage that grief is a sad but normal part of life. The intensity passes withtime and memories of the person are yours to keep." News Contact: Lisa Mixon, Phone: +1-215-753-3664 (10/10/08)

12. SHOPPING: SAVE MONEY ON GROCERIES. ERIN GIFFORD, grocery savings expertat SHORTCUTS.COM and money-saving blogger at COUPONCRAVINGS.COM: "Food pricesare up -- way up -- and consumers are eager for ways to cut their weeklygrocery spending. Fortunately, the grocery budget is one line item in themonthly budget where consumers can make an immediate impact simply by beingsmart about sales, coupons and rebates." Gifford is available to speak on howto maximize your food budget and how to get free groceries using coupons. Shecan also share the 10 smartest ways to save money on groceries. (10/10/08)

PROFNET is an exclusive service of PR Newswire.To submit an Opportunity by e-mail: profnet@profnet.comTo consult the ProfNet Experts Database: contact ProfNet by phone: +1-800-PROFNET, ext. 1To share a thought on ProfNet Expert Alerts: profnetalerts@prnewswire.com1. Health: New CDC Recommendations Underscore Importance of Flu Shots 2. Health: Obama, McCain Ignore Major Trend Set to Further Injure Ailing Healthcare System 3. Health: FDA's Public Hearing on Children's OTC Cough/Cold Medicine 4. Health: National Spine Health Day 5. Health: Preventing Colds and Flu 6. Health: Influenza Vaccines for Flu Season 7. Health: Broadband Video Tech's Impact on Fitness and Weight-Loss Industry 8. Health: 10-Minute Office Energy Boosters 9. Health: Ways to Ward off Holiday Weight Gain 10. Leisure: How to Improve Your Home Movies for the Holidays 11. Parenting: Helping Children Deal with Loss of Family Member or Loved One 12. Shopping: Save Money on Groceries


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