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SWINE FLU (continued)

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1. ED MORGAN, immunologist and research professor at SAN DIEGO STATEUNIVERSITY's BioScience Center, is available to discuss flu vaccines: "Thereason people need to get a seasonal flu shot each year is because one of thetwo key components of the virus mutate each year. What makes the H1N1 virus sounique is that both major components are mutating." Morgan can address howvaccines work, why people need to get vaccinated every year, and specificsabout the H1N1 virus and vaccine. He is based in San Diego. News Contact:Golda Akhgarnia, Phone: +1-619-594-2585 (11/6/09)


1. BEHAVIOR: BEATING THE HOLIDAY BLUES: SELF-HYPNOSIS CAN HELP. MICHAELELLNER, an internationally prominent self-hypnosis educator and co-author ofthree books on self-empowerment, can offer tips and techniques for coping withthe emotional distress people often experience during the upcoming holidayseason: "The National Mental Health Association lists multiple reasons for whypeople feel sad, lonely or angry around the holidays. These can range from thestress of holiday pressures, financial challenges, family tensions, isolationand grief from the loss of a loved one. Practicing self-hypnosis under theguidance of a certified hypnosis professional can quickly help improve thequality of life for these people." Ellner, of New York City, teachescontinuing medical education courses on hypnotic theory and hypnotic painrelief techniques to doctors, dentists, nurses and therapists for PAINWeek, amajor annual medical conference. He speaks extensively about how self-hypnosiscan help people relax, recharge and increase their coping skills andabilities. Ellner is available as a resource on hypnotic, mind-body, andcomplementary and alternative approaches to self-help. Web site: (11/6/09)

2. BEHAVIOR: CARING FOR AN ALZHEIMER'S PATIENT. DR. BETH ERICKSON, Ph.D.,speaker and author based in Edina, Minn., can discuss the issues related to aloved one afflicted with Alzheimer's disease: "Caring for an Alzheimer'spatient is perhaps second only in difficulty to tending to a chronically andpersistently mentally ill loved one. In both cases, you never know if they aregoing to return to a state of sentience. And if they don't, they are there butnot there. Yet, they are not gone so caregivers can get on with life. In theseinstances, it is difficult for loved ones' lives to normalize. The longer itgoes on, the more family members wonder if they ever will." News Contact:Jackie O'Neal, Phone: +1-609-334-8621 (11/6/09)

3. HEALTH: LEARN TO TREAT PAIN WITHOUT THE MEDICATION. DR. THOMAS HEIL isboard certified in anesthesiology and pain management, assistant medicaldirector for pain management for QUANTUM CLINICAL NAVIGATION SYSTEM, whichtracks patient satisfaction, efficiency, practitioner performance and clinicaloutcomes throughout the care continuum, and medical director of SOUTHEAST PAINCARE since 2008 in Charlotte, N.C. Heil is able to speak in depth aboutperioperative pain management, when acute pain becomes chronic, interventionalpain management, and management of cancer pain: "Over the last two years, I'vefound the technology has dramatically improved, and pain patients are gettingsubstantially better results. The beauty of new spinal cord stimulators isthat, first, you get to test drive the equipment, since the permanent deviceis implanted only after the patient has had a simple trial stimulator systemplaced. Patients literally test the device for up to a week at home, and onlyif they are amazed with the amount of pain relief they get with the stimulatoris a permanent implant done." Heil is an expert in developing qualityassurance systems to help understand and set benchmarks for pain patientresults. He is a member of the American Society of Regional Anesthesia, NorthCarolina Medical Society, Mecklenburg County Medical Society and the AmericanSociety of Interventional Pain Physicians. He earned his M.D. from WestVirginia University's School of Medicine. News Contact: Allison Aiken, Phone: +1-704-374-9300 (11/6/09)

4. HEALTH: THE POWER OF VISUALIZING YOURSELF THIN. KEVIN GRAHAM, managingdirector at EMPOWER ME PHOTO, which aids people in their weight-loss effortsby revising their photos to make them look slim and healthy, can discuss theimportance of visualizing yourself thin to lose weight: "Every self-helpcourse talks about the need for a vision -- to know what you want and to keepthat vision at the center of your thoughts. Being able to visualize successand having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve is critical togetting there. Many people are frustrated with their weight-loss effortsbecause they simply do not have the confidence that they can be a new person.By providing the vision of what they will look like once they make smallchanges in their daily habits, people become excited, motivated and empoweredtoward actually making those changes." Graham is available to contribute tostories/segments about overeating during the holidays, New Year's resolutions,weight loss, fitness, self-improvement and other weight-loss topics. He isbased in Orange County, Calif. Web site:

5. HEALTH: ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS (EHRs). ROBERT W. BRENNER, M.D., MMM,chief medical officer of SUMMIT MEDICAL GROUP, Berkeley Heights, N.J.: "Theelectronic health record allows physician groups to integrate their practicesand provide seamless care to their patients. The additional benefit is thatthe data and information can be used to look globally at practices andoutcomes and make changes on an organizational level. This is an absolutelynecessary tool for quality and outcomes improvement management. In addition tothe transition from paper to digital records, healthcare is also experiencinga shift in care delivery from an inpatient to an outpatient setting. Thus, thefuture of electronic health records links to interoperability -- connectionsbetween electronic health records at different health care venues such asbetween hospitals and medical practices, between practices and the pharmacies,and between insurance companies and hospitals. In the past, the hospital'sdischarge paper trail was left behind on the fax machine or snail mailed. Now,once the hospital discharge summary is transcribed, it reaches the physician'sEHR within minutes via interoperability connections. Data follow the patient,24/7, independent of the site of care." Brenner is available to speak on theEHR, meaningful use, and e-prescribing. News Contact: Maureen Bennett, Phone: +1-908-277-8834 (11/6/09)

6. HEALTH: WAYS TO HANDLE THE PAY-FOR-PERFORMANCE MODELS IN HEALTHCARE. JOHNM. KUNYSZ, licensed CPA and COO of QUANTUM CLINICAL NAVIGATION SYSTEM, whichtracks patient satisfaction, efficiency, practitioner performance and clinicaloutcomes throughout the care continuum, and his team in Charlotte, N.C., havebeen quietly working in the background for more than 12 years, providing proofof quality and helping hospitals, physicians and practices decrease costs andimplement pay-for-performance models: "Despite the amount of money being spenton healthcare, hospitals and practices alike are concerned with what mayhappen to already diminishing margins and therefore are looking to decreasecosts." Kunysz was formerly with PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG and receivedhis MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles, and Bachelor ofScience degree from San Diego State University. Kunysz is a fellow in theAmerican College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE) and member of the MedicalGroup Management Association, the Healthcare Financial Management Association,and president of the Greater Kingsport Humane Society. News Contact: AllisonAiken, Phone: +1-704-374-9300 (11/6/09)

7. HEALTH: INNOVATIVE HEALTHCARE BENEFITS THAT ALIGN EMPLOYER/EMPLOYEEINTERESTS. CHRIS BOYCE, CEO of VIRGIN HEALTHMILES, a company that providesemployee health programs that pay people to get active: "As we enter openbenefits enrollment season, we should examine how we handle healthcarebenefits. Seventy-five percent of our nation's rising healthcare costs aredriven by preventable chronic conditions like heart disease and type 2diabetes. We can learn from the hundreds of companies that are improvingworkforce health and lowering healthcare costs for both their employees andtheir organizations. These innovators have succeeded in using creative,incentive-based health and productivity programs and have built healthierworkplaces." Boyce can share examples of companies that are taking aleadership position around tackling healthcare costs by motivating employeeswith rewards for improving their health. News Contact: Kathy Wilson, Phone: +1-781-652-0499 Web site: (11/6/09)

8. HEALTH: HOW TO SAY GOODBYE TO HOLIDAY HANGOVERS NATURALLY. VAISHALI, anatural health practitioner in Indian Ayruvedic and Chinese medicine, speakerin the field of self-emergence and natural health, and author of "You Are WhatYou Love," can explain how you can enjoy a few drinks and still feel in thepink of health the next day: "Ancient Greeks knew about detoxifying alcoholicdrinks by placing a semi-precious amethyst gemstone in their alcohol. Whilethe crystal properties in the amethyst will not prevent a hangover, they mayreduce symptoms associated with light to moderate drinking, such as a headacheor groggy feeling the next day." An entertaining, high-energy guest, Vaishalihas made numerous network TV and radio appearances, from ABC, CBS and NBC to"Oprah & Friends XM Radio with Dr. Oz." She is located in Los Angeles andFlorida. News Contact: Aime McCrory, Phone: +1-818-848-3278Web site: (11/6/09)

9. HOME: HEATING YOUR HOME THIS WINTER. KRISTIN ANDERSON, brand manager forKAZ, INC., manufacturers of Honeywell fans and air circulators: "With theturbulent economy, most of us are watching our dollars. One area to save moneyis on home heating. According to the Department of Energy, homeowners canexpect to spend an average of $1,442 on heating bills this winter. Makingsmart decisions when it comes to heating your home this winter can have a bigimpact on your heating bills. You can potentially save hundreds of dollars inheating bills annually - which can equal an entire oil or gas bill for manyhomeowners -- by turning your central heating system down and using heatalternatives like portable heaters and digital thermostats." Anderson canprovide low-cost tips that can help consumers save money on heating costs thiswinter. News Contact: Kim Miller, Phone: +1-617-610-0583(11/6/09)

10. HOME: A HEALTHY, SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE BENEFITS THE WHOLE FAMILY, PETSINCLUDED. SARAH BARNARD, celebrity interior designer, LEED-accreditedprofessional and building biology practitioner: "Most people don't realize howpets are major contributors to poor indoor air quality: they track in dirt anddebris from outdoors, while shedding hair and dander on all kinds of surfaces.Combine that with the off-gassing synthetic carpeting and furnishings thatmost people select to stand up to the abuse, add in a dash of dangerous catlitter and you've got yourself a real toxic soup. Simple steps you take athome can make a major impact on indoor air quality, save the landfills andmake your home safer for your family and your pets." Barnard undertakes abroad range of projects, all of which are grounded in smart design and mindfulof healthy living. She can discuss green and healthy living for everyone andprovide easy-to-implement green living tips. She is located in Los Angeles.Web site: (11/6/09)

11. RELATIONSHIPS: FIVE WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF FINDING LOVE THISHOLIDAY SEASON. DEBRA BERNDT, relationship expert in the NYC area, and authorof "Let Love In: Open Your Heart and Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner"(Wiley, March 2010), can offer singles ways to increase their love magnet forthe holidays: "Be clear on what you want -- write your list of your idealmate. Move out of your comfort zone, and shake up old patterns. Use dailyvisualization to increase confidence -- picture yourself in love. Forgive pastresentments. Let go of nowhere relationships." Web site:

12. SPORTS: HOW TO BUY AUTHENTIC WORLD SERIES MEMORABILIA. TED TAYLOR,adjunct professor of business and communications at CHESTNUT HILL COLLEGE inPennsylvania, and expert in sports memorabilia: "There is a lot of fakeautographed merchandise on the market right now between the playoffs and theWorld Series. Some advice to make sure you are getting real memorabilia andmerchandise: Signed baseballs (Howard, Utley, or any star) should sell for$100 or more. Most valuable signed baseballs are Official Major League (or, inolder balls, Official National League or Official American League).Championship team balls will hit the market as soon as the series ends -- theyshould go for $2,000 or even more in areas that have a team in the series. Bewary of anything that doesn't have a third-party authentication. Major LeagueBaseball is authenticating items sold at the ballparks, so this is a safe betfor merchandise purchases. Be on the watch for items on eBay withoutcertification of authenticity, as well as some that claim to have it. Beforepurchasing anything, find out who certified it, as most reputableauthenticators have Web sites with background and contact information." NewsContact: Lisa Mixon, Phone: +1-215-753-3664 (11/3/09)

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