Dr. Nie Wentao's New Method of Diabetic Nutrition Interventions

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Research News
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YINCHUAN, China, July 14 Recently, Xinhua Websitereported about Dr. Nie Wentao's nutrition intervention technology for type 1diabetes mellitus. Dr. Nie Wentao's diabetic treatment technology is becominga mainstream technology for diabetes treatment, so it aroused widespreadconcern in China. Dr. Nie Wentao, having engaged in the study of nutritioninterventions on diabetes mellitus for a long period, has great influence inthe field of diabetes treatment in China. As for his nutrition interventiontechnology, two main aspects can be divided: one is, he is an advocate of apatient's grain consumption depending on the individual's need, not on apre-set limit; the other is, he designed a new food of special nutritionalcombination for diabetic patients, named Sanghuangzi, as a method of nutritionintervention. Using Dr. Nie Wentao's nutrition intervention technology in type2 diabetes, diabetic complications and type 1 diabetes, excellent results areachieved.

Nutrition interventions for type 2 diabetes mellitus

The mechanism of blood glucose self-regulation is used for caring for thehuman body, and needs to be established on the basis of sensitive reaction tochanges in the body's state. If you use other means to forcibly lower bloodglucose, the monitor and control mechanism of blood glucose in the body willgradually lose its effect. Therefore, under the action of hypoglycemic drugs,blood sugar gradually takes orders from the drugs, not from the body condition,and the body cannot recover from the disease.

The applications of grain intervention and Sanghuangzi tablets as a methodof combined nutrition interventions are beneficial in keeping blood sugarsteady. 50 patients with diabetes were observed and the result showed that:the average glycemic level, before the use of nutrition intervention, was7.78mmol/L; using the nutrition intervention technology for six months, thelevel was 7.32mmol/L, and 28 patients no longer use insulin or any otherhypoglycemic agents.

A Typical Case: Li Han-ling, a former professor at Harbin Institute ofTechnology, started to accept Dr. Nie Wentao's nutrition intervention in April2006. Before the application of Dr. Nie Wentao's nutrition interventiontechnology, Prof. Li Hanling took metformin to control glycemic level and hisfasting blood glucose was 6.2mmol/L with blurred vision. After applying thenutrition technology, four months later visual acuity was restored andmetformin use was stopped; fasting plasma glucose still remained at 6.2mmol/Lor so, and it has remained steady till today.

Nutrition interventions for the complications of diabetes

After a Sanghuangzi tablet disintegrates, the stimulation to thegastrointestinal tract will cause a series of physiological movements:movement of the nervous system, digestive system, circulatory system andmovement of the endocrine system. The result of these movements coordinatesthe body's metabolic regulation; and recovers the metabolic capacity of thethree substances of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and balances glucagons,insulin, thyroxine and other hormones. The improvement of metabolic capacityto the main three substances and of balanced capacity in metabolic hormonesdirectly leads to an improvement in blood glucose quality. When healthierblood circulates round the body, peripheral vascular disease and sensoryneuropathy will be restored, such as diabetic retinopathy, diabetic kidneydisease, and peripheral neuropathy. Following the health improvement, theblood elevation induced by acute reaction will appear less and less. As aresult, blood glucose level will often become stable. The course usuallyexceeds a half-year or more.

A typical case: Hou Zhenying, living at Harbin City, female, old age, hadbeen diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for years, with many diabetic eyecomplications such as cataract, retinal disease, retinal bleeding and otherdiabetic eye diseases; nearly blind, having only light perception. Meanwhile,inosine, urea nitrogen, protein in the urine of the patient showed that thepatient was with diabetic nephropathy. In May 2009, the patient started to usethe nutrition intervention technology from Dr. Nie Wentao. In January 2010,through fundus examination, it proved that the eye diseases of the patient allrecovered completely. Through urine tests many times, it confirmed thatdiabetic nephropathy is also fully recovered.

The combination of nutrition interventions for type 1 diabetes mellitus

Type 1 diabetes usually occurs after the stress and immune response. Themost common manifestations are insufficient insulin secretion or even noinsulin being produced. Dr. Nie Wentao believes this is because the isletcells do not work rather than an incapacity. Nutritional interventions arestill positive on these patients.

June 3, 2008, Pang Liwen, living at Jiujing Town of Nehe City inHeilongjiang Province, having had type 1 diabetes for 10 years, started toaccept the treatment of nutritional interventions. When the child was 5 yearsold, she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and started to use the insulintreatment. She developed retinopathy, lower limb circulatory disturbance,frequent ketosis and physical retardation. Under Dr. Nie Wentao's nutritionalinterventions for the child, the issue of lower limb circulatory disturbancewas resolved quickly, retinopathy also subsided rapidly, and secondary sexualcharacteristics and normal menstruation also appeared. All these physiologicalchanges appeared without any obstacles. Currently, the child has alreadystopped the use of insulin for more than one year. Her blood sugar is stableand she is in good physical condition.

Effect of behavioral medicine development on Dr. Nie Wentao

In the 1960's, behavioral medicine began to emerge in the United States.Among behavioral medicine, there are two major points of view which influencedDr. Nie Wentao. Dr. Nie Wentao's diabetes treatment technology is also calleddiabetic behavior medicine by Chinese doctors.

The first is that, physiological activities in the body often come fromthe inner drive. Dr. Nie Wentao believes that the supplement of grain conformsto the tradition of human evolution and can effectively ease the drive toelevate blood glucose. So, under the long term effects of grain, blood glucosecan easily become steady. In early 2008, Dr. Nie Wentao treated 57 patientswith high blood sugar using the grain intervention method. After a half-monthfor liberalization of restrictions on the intake amount of grain, in 45 cases,blood glucose decreased; in 8 cases, there was no change; and in 4 cases,levels continued to rise. This result has changed the attitude of the Chinesedoctors to grain intake.

The second is that, the physiological functions in the body can beenhanced through training. Therefore, Dr. Nie Wentao prepared a specificnutrition intervention food named as Sanghuangzi tablet for diabetics. TheSanghuangzi tablet is made from foods such as mulberry leaves, polygonati,hawthorn fruit, Gegen and other foods, and is made special through the organiccombination. The significance of the Sanghuangzi tablet is its special workapproach that can activate the body to work. In the end of 2007, Dr. NieWentao took the Sanghuangzi tablet intervention method for 102 patients witheye diseases; three months after, observations showed that: 12 cases wererestored to normal; 68 cases improved, and 22 cases had no change; while nocases got worse.

Dr. Nie Wentao and the companies he leads

Nie Wentao, a well-known diabetic doctor in China, is the Author of "FoodTraining and Diabetes Rehabilitation ", "Tame Blood Sugar" and other scholarlyworks. In 1997, he established the Chinese medicine preparation room in theAffiliated Hospital of Jilin Medical College. In the end of 2008, Heestablished the Shanghai Nieshi Industrial Development Co., Ltd. On April 2010,He established the Yinchuan Yiben Medical Technology Co., Ltd at the NingxiaMedical University. Currently, he is a leading diabetic expert in the ShanghaiNieshi Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and Yinchuan Yiben Medical TechnologyCo., Ltd. at the Ningxia Medical University. The effects of Dr. Nie Wentao'snutrition intervention technology will definitely exert great influences onthe development of the behavioral medicine in China.

SOURCE Yinchuan Yiben Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

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