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Swine Flu Widget
Medindia offers free download of 'Swine Flu Widget’ for your website pages that is easy to use and install.

This powerful widget gives you all the needed resources to keep quick tab on this fast spreading H1N1 swine flu Influenza epidemic. Keep yourself abreast with the current recommendations, latest news, research and articles on this topic. Added to all this you can also use a quick risk calculator for swine flu.

First choose the format you would like to download and then just cut and paste the code on to your web-pages. If you face any problems please contact us. (hyperlink to mail with subject – swine flu widget)

STEP 1 : Choose a Theme

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STEP 2 : Use This Code

Copy and paste the following script code into the HTML source of the site where you want the medindia Widget to be displayed.

Widget Preview