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I have a right side chest pain that radiates to the arm.I have been feeling this pain in a dull manner for more than six months now but the radiation to the arm started recently.I have been for a chest x-ray and waiting for the result.The pain goes off temporarily if I indulge in exercise for more than 30 minutes but comes back in the morning.Today it was persistent that I can hardly raise my right arm or carry my baby.I am waiting for the test result before I get back to the GP.Please tell me what to do.
Edphil - United Kingdom6/7/2012
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Recently I Lost my mother by heart attached on 21.09.2010, she got chest pain at 10.30pm I call doctor near to me (BAMS) she miss guide me that chest pain due to acidity becouse my mother BP and heart beat is normal at that time and chest pain is in centre part of chest as inform by that doctor.

Still for safer side we moved her to cardiologst he take ECG & infor its start of heart attack, he gave her sorbitol & some liquid syrup & asked to move to ICCU.
I call abilance from Wackharts but during trasit she got attack and she pass away.

The mistake we have done,
Loss the time to investigate reason of chest pain
Suggession :-
Do not wait to invetigate rason for chest pain, just move to the hospital who can investigate & treat the chest pain reason whatever maybe.
MandarS - India10/18/2010
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I have chest pain on the right side and in right arm. Chest Pain started early morning before sun came up. Right arm started around lunch time. Should I go to emergency room?
nancyk - United States9/25/2010
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Dear Sir/Mam

Really I find this website very helpful for practitioners & others, I have gained lot of knowledge and found very useful for preparing presentations.
I am very much thankful to you.
Kind Regards
praku_m2003 - United Kingdom9/2/2010
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respected sir/mam,
last two years i have chest pain mainly in left side, sometime burning feeling on lower left side of chest,aal test are done twice or thrice but no result.
i can't described properly as there is no particlar reason behind this but sometime when i argue wid someone or take little stress on my mind i feel more tightness in left side.
now from some time i feel pain in left hand alonng with numbness of fingers....sometime stretching sensation in throat and pain in teeh...
please help as this creatng nuisance for me nd my family.. my age is 31..
aakash - India5/3/2010
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Respected Sir/Mam,
Last three years I have chest pain when I walk fast.all test were taken twice or thrice but no result.
Chest pain was disappeared for some time(20/30days) but back again as before
Today at 5.30am I walked 60 min. I started feeling pain after 3/5min. I rest 15/20 second and then no sign of pain. this may repeat If I walk fast 2/3 times in first 30min. in next 30 min there is no sign of pain till am back home.
there is no sign of weakness or fear in this case. yes, if I dont stop for 15/20+ and pain continue then fear may take place
In last 30 days I may have lost 8/10kg by diet and I feel better and if I continue and able to loose another 10kg then I think it will be good for my health.
anyhow I liked this article but not sure how far it is based on facts.
kanan512 - United Arab Emirates5/25/2009
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Respected Sir/Mam
i just now joined in smf chennai for plane post in medicine department.
Tomorrow i have to present a seminar on chest pain.
I am thankful of you for the nice presentation you have made for chestpain.
once again thankyou
amitnarwane - India5/5/2009
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