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I have UTI generally recurring. Last time I had around a years back and got treated with Ofloxacin for about 15 days. Today I am suffering for very frequent urination with sensation and unable to control. Kindly suggest some medicine.
kkgrg - India1/24/2014
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First UTI in over 10 yrs. Unfortunately I've had over a month of UTI symptoms. The first two urine specimens were [ ] for blood, WBC, and bacteria but were NEVER cultured. I went through two different rounds of antibiotics. Symptoms still there. My doctors were saying obviously it isn't an UTI, that it must be stress or something else. We'll finally after suffering a month, the next urine sample WAS cultured and it came back I have coagulase negative staph. And get this, the bacteria is resistant to most antibiotics, including penicillin, Levaquin, Sulfa, and Cipro. I'm not so sure not culturing a positive urine sample is such a great idea. I know I have greatly suffered. I'm now on macrobid and hoping this will take care of it.
lovetoread - United States8/20/2013
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I have a recalled bladder sling and I have been having recurring UTI synptoms. Nitrites and leukocytes are always present, but cultures grow nothing. I am at a loss and so is my Dr. I am seeing a specialist at Vanderbilt and he is removing the sling in a couple of weeks. Anyone else have this issue?
Anglkitty77 - United States5/21/2013
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i have found that UTIs with no symptoms should not be treated especially if they have ESBL or KPC.
A well known case ESBL to me I stoped treating her with antibiotics works now well for more than 8 months
edouartawil - Palestinian Territory, Occupied12/1/2012
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I have been having uti's for 3 years. 2 years ago I had a bladder sling surgery which was suppose to clear up these infections.I have been getting more of them now than before.I always get the same info that my culture grows nothing.How can a culture grow when I'm on antibiotics "all the time" cipro,augmentin,& bactrim nothing works. Please help me
molli - United States10/10/2012
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Since urinary pathogens particularly Enterobacteriaceae are constantly becoming more resistant to frequently prescribed medications which may be given empirically I respectfully disagree that urine cultures are not necessary in cases of uncomplicated cystitis. Giving antibiotics without knowing the susceptibility of the causative organism is one of the causes of increasing resistance.
Microman13 - United States9/24/2012
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uti remains consistent for more than 1.5 yrs treated with all types of antibiotics orally and also iv injectable but not resolving. pt. is diabetic , hypothyroid,hypertensive and h/o of multi organ failure because urosepsis and then chronic renal failure occurred. but when infection is in control then renal function regains .what should be the line of treatment? what is cause of recurrent UTI/
honap - India2/21/2012
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