Presentation of a Problem:

26 years old woman presents with complaints of burning micturition for 3 days. She also complaints of the need to go to the bathroom frequently. Currently she also feels urgency, as though she will not be able to make it to the bathroom in time, but each time she only voids a small amount of urine.

She is sexually active with a single partner. She has no constitutional symptoms. Examination reveals tenderness over the suprapubic area. There is no costo-vertebral angle tenderness. The rest of the examination is normal. Urinalysis shows 15 - 20 pus cells per high power field.


dada, India

for urinary problem which doctor shall I contact Medicine or Urologist

kkgrg, India

I have UTI generally recurring. Last time I had around a years back and got treated with Ofloxacin for about 15 days. Today I am suffering for very frequent urination with sensation and unable to control. Kindly suggest some medicine.

lovetoread, United States

First UTI in over 10 yrs. Unfortunately I've had over a month of UTI symptoms. The first two urine specimens were [ ] for blood, WBC, and bacteria but were NEVER cultured. I went through two different rounds of antibiotics. Symptoms still there. My doctors were saying obviously it isn't an UTI, that it must be stress or something else. We'll finally after suffering a month, the next urine sample WAS cultured and it came back I have coagulase negative staph. And get this, the bacteria is resistant to most antibiotics, including penicillin, Levaquin, Sulfa, and Cipro. I'm not so sure not culturing a positive urine sample is such a great idea. I know I have greatly suffered. I'm now on macrobid and hoping this will take care of it.

Anglkitty77, United States

I have a recalled bladder sling and I have been having recurring UTI synptoms. Nitrites and leukocytes are always present, but cultures grow nothing. I am at a loss and so is my Dr. I am seeing a specialist at Vanderbilt and he is removing the sling in a couple of weeks. Anyone else have this issue?

edouartawil, Palestinian Territory, Occupied

i have found that UTIs with no symptoms should not be treated especially if they have ESBL or KPC.
A well known case ESBL to me I stoped treating her with antibiotics works now well for more than 8 months