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Side effect(s) of Vestronidase Alfa

Read the side effects of Vestronidase Alfa as described in the medical literature. In case of any doubt consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Common: Swelling of hands or legs, diarrhea, rashes, pain or swelling or irritation at the injection site

Others: Development of anti-drug and neutralizing antibodies, febrile convulsion, itching, anaphylaxis

Other Precautions :  Do not administer vestronidase alfa infusion along with other intravenous medicines.
Always use a separate intravenous line for infusing vestronidase alfa.

Drug Name : Vestronidase Alfa

Vestronidase Alfa generic Vestronidase alfa injection is a recombinant form of a human lysosomal enzyme called beta-glucuronidase which is prescribed to treat a genetic or a metabolic disorder known as mucopolysaccharidosis VII or Sly syndrome in which the individual lacks beta-glucuronidase. Vestronidase alfa does not provide a cure to Sly syndrome but helps by improving the walking ability in people with this condition.
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