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Side effect(s) of Rizatriptan

Read the side effects of Rizatriptan as described in the medical literature. In case of any doubt consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Most Common- Dizziness, sleeplessness, tiredness, fatigue, pain or pressure sensation.

Heart- Slow or fast heart beat, increased blood pressure, chest discomfort, tightness in chest, low blood pressure.

Musculoskeletal- Muscle weakness, stiffness, and spasm; and muscle and bone pain.

Central Nervous system - Nervousness, decreased mental sharpness, tremor, headache, abnormal sensation, vertigo, sleep disturbance, mood and personality changes, alterations in speech and movement, memory impairment, confusion, dream abnormality and seizure.

Gastrointestinal - Stomach upset, diarrhea, dry mouth, constipation, gas, thirst, acid reflux, difficulty swallowing, changes in appetite, burping.

Skin - Flushing (redness of the face lasting a short time), hot flashes, sweating, itching, rash, acne and skin reaction to sunlight.

Respiratory - Difficult or rapid breathing, dryness or discomfort of the throat or nose, nosebleed, yawning and sinus disorder, cold-like symptoms, cough, and hiccups.

Eye and ENT- Visual disturbances, ringing in the ears, ear pain, eye discomfort, swelling or tearing, alterations in hearing and smelling, visual intolerance to light, and bad taste.

Miscellaneous - Allergic reactions including swelling of face, lips, tongue and/or throat which may cause difficulty in breathing and/or swallowing, wheezing, hives, rash, and severe sloughing of the skin. Chills, heat sensitivity, swelling, bloating, hangover effect, fever, fainting, dizziness on standing up, warm/cold sensations, dehydration and changes in urination and menstruation.

Other Precautions : *Avoid additional doses, if there is no improvement in your health condition.

Drug Name : Rizatriptan

Rizatriptan(Maxalt) generic is a selective serotonin receptor agonist, prescribed for the treatment of migraines in adults. It narrows blood vessels in the brain and stops the release of certain natural substances that cause pain, nausea, and other symptoms of migraine.
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Trade Names for Rizatriptan

International : 

Maxalt, Maxalt-MLT

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